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Help Men Combat Hair Loss with the New 50 Megumi Men Series

the New 50 Megumi Men Series

50 Megumi Men series introduced New line features Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Essence, Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Fresh and Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Care Shampoo.

Recent reports indicate that more than 50% of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss and there has been an increasing number of reports of men beginning to bald at a younger age.

These concerns are compounded by the fact that 25% admitted that hair loss and balding were significantly impacting their confidence leading to struggles in relationships and careers before reaching the age of twenty-one.

Privy to these substantial issues, 50 Megumi, Japan’s leading solution for hair loss with over 10 million products sold worldwide, has unveiled a new line of products developed exclusively to cater to hair loss amongst men – the new 50 Megumi Men series.

Encapsulating the brand’s expertise in hair loss, the new series features two shampoo products and a treatment essence that are specially designed to nourish the scalp, improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair roots, and stimulate hair growth.

All in delivering a rejuvenating experience that reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

“Hair loss can affect more than just our appearance. It can also change how we see ourselves and how we feel about our identity. This can lead to anxiety and depression, especially for men who struggle with the social and emotional impact of hair loss.

That’s why we devised the new 50 Megumi Men series— a solution that helps you regain your hair and your confidence,” – Aaron Wong, Senior Brand Manager of 50 Megumi.

Launching New 50 Megumi Men Series
Launching by Nurul Asyikin (Merchandising Executive from Guardian), Aaron Wong (Senior Brand Manager), Kenny Lee (National Sales Manager)

The benefits of the 50 Megumi Men series are noticeable in a short time. With consistent daily use, 45% reduced hair loss can be achieved within 4 months. That means less hair falling out and more hair growing back.

Plus, one bottle of essence can last up to 40 days if used 2 times daily, making it a cost-efficient and easy solution for men in managing their hair loss issues.

The new 50 Megumi Men series was launched during an event at Cohiba Atmosphere, Kuala Lumpur recently, where medical experts chimed in on hair loss and hair care.

Medical Sharing by Dr. Shazril
Medical Sharing by Dr. Shazril

The star of the new Men series is the 50 Megumi Men Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Essence. The liquid essence is meant to be applied and massaged directly onto the scalp on areas with sparse hair.

The massage in combination with the Essence is meant to stimulate hair follicles and improve overall scalp health to create the optimum environment for hair growth. The light, non-sticky substance makes it perfect for men on the go not affecting any existing hair styling and with no rinsing required.

Meanwhile, the series features two shampoo options, the 50 Megumi Men Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Fresh and the 50 Megumi Men Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Care Shampoo.

The 50 Megumi Men Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Fresh cleanses the scalp and hair with a refreshing mint scent washing away excess hair oil, leaving roots feeling refreshed.

The 50 Megumi Men Anti-Hair Loss & Scalp Care Shampoo contains a plant-based anti-dandruff factor -Hinokitiol which effectively removes and prevents dandruff.

Every product in the new Men series is formulated with 50 nourishing components including modern cosmetics, traditional herbs and natural ingredients that fit the unique needs of hair-fall prevention for men.

The new 50 Megumi Men series is now available at selected partnering retailers outlets nationwide – including Guardian and online platforms i.e Shopee, Lazada.

The new line ranges in price from RM50 to RM150. For more information about 50 Megumi, please visit

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