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honor 5C: The Only 16nm Chipset Smartphone Below RM 1,000!

honor 5C Malaysia

honor Malaysia proudly unveils the middle-range smartphone with flagship qualities and premium experience

honor Malaysia proudly presents its latest addition to its family of handsets, honor 5C, a mid-range smartphone which is equipped with the all-new Kirin 650 16nm chipset, supported with a list of flagship features and designed with the strictest quality control standards in the world. What’s better is that: The price is too good to be true.

honor Malaysia has unveiled the honor 5C at an all-exclusive media event, where the audience was given an opportunity to interact with the product and its various features.

The 5C is set to be honor Malaysia’s answer to its fans who are looking for a mid-range smartphone, priced below RM 1,000, and is packed with state-of- the-art technology, offering top-notch performance and the best user experience to the consumers.

Speaking at today’s media event was Allen An, E-Commerce Director of honor Malaysia’s, who was also the host for the media event.

honor 5C Malaysia
According to Allen, honor 5C is one of honor Malaysia’s proudest additions to its line of product offerings for its fans. Not only the brand offers a value for money smartphone, it also empowers users with flagship-grade quality through state-of- the-art chipsets, stunning specs and features, which is further enhanced by the delicacies of aestheticism.

During his presentation, Allen noted that the honor 5C symbolizes honor Malaysia’s constant effort in improving the quality and user experience,

“Our pursuit of the best quality and experience with a reasonable price comes from our continuous conversation with the digital natives and our fans. honor is a brand that is created by the consumer, for the consumer, which remains as the core of our business. What we heard from the community is that they want a device that is powerful, stylish, quality and also priced reasonably. Our answer to them is the honor 5C.”

also added that honor Malaysia will continue to stretch its capabilities to offer high quality products that employ innovative technology, reinforcing its commitment to its fans out there by bringing superior mobile user experience while the brand is expanding its global presence.

The Power From Within

honor 5C Malaysia
The honor 5C is powered by the all-new Kirin 650 chipset which employs a flagship FinFET Plus 16 nm technology, enabling the device to deliver 65% increase in performance and 100%.

For graphic performance, the Kirin 650 includes the powerful Mali-T830 GPU which ensures seamless gaming experience with 100% increase in GPU performance.

Allen pointed out that the majority of silicon chips in the mid-range market still use processors ranging from 20 nm to 28 nm. The Kirin 650 uses 16 nm FinFET technology, while compared to 28 nm, it is two generations ahead.

The device is packed with a large 3000 mAh capacity battery. With power of the chipset’s flagship big.LITTLE architecture, supported by the Android 6.0's Doze Mode and Huawei's SmartPower 3.0 power-saving technology, the power consumption of the honor 5C is decreased by 40%.

Other than lightning-fast performance and efficient power consumption, the Kirin 650 ensures a smooth user experience, all thanks to the rapid rapid eMMC 5.1–based flash memory chip and all-new EMUI 4.1, based on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a wide range of useful features.

Not only this combination of such advanced processor with a less than RM 1,000 product is a first for honor, but first in the world!

In terms of enhanced security, the Fingerprint Identification 2.0 includes the Replay Protected Memory Block (RPMB) technology, which encrypts and stores fingerprint data in a separate secure storage area, ensuring that fingerprint data cannot be accessed, even if the phone is rooted.

This 2nd generation Swedish-designed FPC fingerprint sensor has improved by 100% than its 1st generation, which enables unlocking the screen as fast as 0.5 seconds and adding a fingerprint with just six touches!

Camera that is stunning on the outside, smart on the inside

honor 5C Malaysia

The honor 5C is equipped with a 13 MP rear camera with F2.0 aperture and 78° wide-angle 5-element (5P) macro lens, which is also anit-reflective, oleophobic and infared-absordbing, for clarity in every shot.

For the selfie aficionados, the honor 5C comes with an 8 MP front camera with F2.0 aperture and 77° wide-angle lens. Its four-element (4P) lens ensures crystal-clear image rendering, which is best for stunning selfies.

The camera’s SmartImage 3.0 image processor comes with a variety of creative filters and shooting modes, which you could only find in higher-end smartphone.

There are the plethora of the flagship shooting modes, for instance the Professional mode, which allows you to manually adjust the ISO for the best picture. Other amazing camera features include Light Painting mode, Time-Lapse and Beauty mode.

Crafted with flagship features under the world’s strictest quality standards

honor 5C Malaysia
From the stunning aircraft-grade aluminium-alloy body and the 5.2-inch Full HD display, to the dual antennas and the integrated speaker box with smart power amplifier – All that makes up the honor 5C, which is indeed the epitome of a flagship-quality device with just the price of a medium-range smartphone!

In terms of phone quality, the 5C is the first model built according to Huawei's stringent 3.1 quality assurance standards.

A number of new accelerated aging tests were conducted to identify quality defects, including drop tests, impact tests, port durability tests, temperature-humidity tests, thermal shock tests and salt spray tests.

Sign me up for the honor 5C! So…… Where can I get it?

The honor 5C will be retailing at RM 799 as grey and Silver, whereas the gold version is priced at RM849.

All will be available for pre-order in VMall Malaysia ( and Lazada Malaysia ( beginning June 20th

Similar to previous honor devices, honor Malaysia is offering a 6-month one-to- one exchange for those who purchase the honor 5C

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