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Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced Price Adjustment

Honor 7 Dilancarkan di Malaysia pada harga RM1,399
Honor Malaysia will be adjusting the price of its Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced smartphones to further meet consumers’ demands.

2016 has been a great year for the brand so far, with the launch of the Honor 8 and Honor 5A and with the upcoming attractive prices for the Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced.

The Honor 7 made its way into the Malaysian market in September 2015 with quality features at an affordable price tag. Its successor, the Honor 7 Enhanced, entered the country early this year with a faster charging capability and double the storage.

Both devices have received positive response throughout the country since their launch and Honor Malaysia is confident that the price adjustment will reignite this excitement.

honor Malaysia lancar honor 5X dan honor 7 Enhance

Currently, the Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced are priced at RM1,399 and RM1,499, respectively. Starting on September 26th 2016, Honor fans will be pleased to know that they can purchase these devices at a reduction of RM 200.

Now, the Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced can be yours for a reduced price of:

These two smartphones will also be the first Honor devices to see a pricing adjustment. With the rising number of smartphones in the market today, the reduction in price will further strengthen the competitiveness of the Honor 7 and Honor 7 Enhanced in Malaysia.

This move by Honor Malaysia illustrates the brand’s commitment to becoming the most preferred brand by millennials and to making its devices accessible to consumers.

So keep a look out for September 26th and happy shopping!

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