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HyppTV Reap The Barakah of Ramadan with #TambahLagi #KeajaibanRamadan Campaign

Photo - Majlis Berbuka Puasa bersama HyppTV 10June17 (Low-Res) (1)

Photo - Majlis Berbuka Puasa bersama HyppTV 10June17 (Low-Res) (1)
In celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, HyppTV, has lined up various community-oriented activities, including in Shah Alam with orphans and students from selected Tahfiz schools.

The activities were in line with HyppTV’s campaign, #tambahlagi #KeajaibanRamadan which reflects not only adding more high quality channels and programmes on the service platform, but also adding more good deeds for the communities during this Ramadan.

The highlight of the activities was a special ‘buka puasa’, graced with the presence of Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President, New Media, TM, Ustaz Mohd Aisha Jaafar, Deputy Yang Dipertua Badan Kebajikan Islam TM (BAKIT) Pusat, and Ustaz Mohammad Rizal Sabran, Chairman of Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Section 13, Shah Alam, together with Dato’ Zuraidah Mohd Said, Vice President, TM Selangor and Alfian Abu Talib, Chief Executive Officer, TM Info Media (TMIM).

Local celebrities from Yayasan Artis 1 Malaysia (YA1M) such as Datuk Irwan Shah Abdullah, popularly known as DJ Dave, President YA1M as well as Datuk Nash, Dato’ A Rahman Hassan, and Datuk A. Aida, Channel Manager of Salam HD who is also the Managing Director, A. Aida Production Sdn Bhd are among other distinguished guests at the event.

At the ‘buka puasa’, HyppTV gave away cash donations to five (5) beneficiaries amongst mosques and surau around the area namely Surau An-Nur, Surau Nuruddin, Surau Al- Munawwarah, Surau Worldwide and Masjid Al-Ikhlas.

HyppTV also donated new clothes and cash to an orphanage, Pusat Jagaan Mahligai Kasih Zadut Taqwa, and a tahfiz institution, Madrasah Tahfiz al-Quran Hidayatul Muttaqin Lil Banaat where children and students from both institutions were feted at the ‘buka puasa’.

These cash and clothes contributions were gathered through a donation drive initiated by HyppTV prior to the event, with donation boxes placed at Menara TM and TMpoint Shah Alam from 29 May until 7 June for employees of TM Group to contribute.

All the contributions were given away by Jeremy Kung together with Ustaz Mohd Aisha and Ustaz Mohammad Rizal.

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