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Innergie Reimagines Charging For Travelers

Innergie Reimagines Charging For Travelers
‘Traveling companion’ has taken on a whole new meaning for frequent travelers, as smart mobile devices are now considered to be the most vital companion and the most crucial item travelers carry with them wherever they go.

Without a doubt, mobile devices have become part of the very fabric of modern life, but ensuring that these mobile devices – be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop – are constantly up-and- running can be quite a challenge.

Innergie – a brand Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions – sets about to address this inconvenience with its ‘smart crossover charging solution,’ which reimagines charging in the way we know it.

Making its entry into Malaysia, the innovative charging solution is a portable charging set that enables individuals to charge all their mobile devices with ease and live an on-the-go lifestyle, knowing that they are powered and connected at all times, consisting of three products – PowerGear ICE 65 (travel adapter), WizardTip (attachable super-speed USB charging connector), and LifeHub Plus (a charging hub).

The PowerGear ICE 65 is a universal laptop adapter with interchangeable plugs that can tap into the electrical power grid of over 150 countries – ideal for the world traveler who requires maximum mobility. Additionally, the WizardTip can be attached onto the PowerGear ICE 65, creating an instant USB port to charge a mobile device.
Majlis Pelancaran Innergie di Malaysia.
LifeHub Plus offers an ingenious approach to charging multiple devices. With built-in smart chips, it can detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three 2.4A USB ports accordingly.

At Innergie, we dedicated our time to create a line of charging devices that not only charge your travel gear, but do it with adapters that are a fraction of the size and weight to make it compact and elegant at the same time. With a design this smart and this easy to use, the charging set makes charging a pleasure, rather than a chore,” – Derrick Ho, the Director of Innergie SEA.

The entry of these products in the Malaysian market reflects Innergie’s commitment to raising the bar in power solutions in the local consumer IT market, and emerging at the forefront of the mobile technology industry in this region.
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To celebrate the exciting launch of these three new products for the Malaysian market, Innergie is offering the trio together as a special "Traveler's Power Pack", with limited quantities where buyers can purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) with WizardTip and LifeHub Plus at 20% discount for RM325.60 (UP RM407.00), or purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) and get a free WizardTip (worth RM39.00) for only RM209.00.

The ‘Traveler’s Power Pack’ is available on LAZADA ( and all participating retailer’s outlets.

All three products come with a generous original-manufacturer warranty, environment-friendly GreenSense power conservation technology and InnerShield power protection safety designs.

For more information on participating retailers, please contact Innergie distributors, Afforda Notebook Solution SB (03-8070 8315) and Convergent Distribution (M) SB (03-2144 1881).

To find out more about Innergie and Innergie-branded power products, visit

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