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iPhone 5C: Apple Brings Color

iPhone 5c Malaysia with 5 Color
Apple finally introduced a lower-cost, the iPhone 5C, in an array of bubblegum-like colors in green, blue, pink and yellow. A white version is also being made.

A key audience Apple is trying to reach with the 5C is China, as well as other countries where the cost of phones isn’t subsidized, like they are in the U.S.

The iPhone 5C doesn’t have an aluminum casing, it is made from a lacquer hard-coated polycarbonate material — in other words, “It’s “unapologetically plastic”

The iPhone 5C has basically the same dimensions as the iPhone 5S, although the 5C weighs a bit more, largely because of its plastic housing.

The phone will also be available in China on Sept. 20. Malaysia? I’m not sure… Maybe same date as iPhone 5s.

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