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iQIYI Global Original A Love Never Lost Sets Global Launch on July 18

A Love Never Lost

iQIYI’s latest period original series, A Love Never Lost (人生若如初见), confirms to launch today on iQIYI and its latest trailer wowed audience with its exquisite aesthetic and starry cast lineup.

The drama series features a bright cast including leads Wei Da Xun (魏大勋), Zhu Ya Wen (朱亚文), Chun Xia (春夏) along with Li Xian (李现) and Zhou You (周游).

The series is directed by the prominent Wang Wei (王伟), who has previously headed works such as Day and Night (白夜追凶) and Fearless Whispers (隐秘而伟大).

Set in the Qing Dynasty, A Love Never Lost depicts the story of a group of youth, led by Liang Xiang (played by Li Xian), Yang Kai Zhi (played by Wei Da Xun) and Qiu Hong (played by Chun Xia), who sought revolutionary change for their country.

Trapped in a whirlpool of power play and with no real platform to encourage change, their ideals on friendship, love and faith are put to the test as they become increasingly embroiled in this era.

iQIYI Global Original A Love Never Lost

A Love Never Lost is a rare historical period drama that not only focuses on the historical significance of the story, but centres itself around a group of youths across its narrative.

Original historical sources such as books, photos and videos were referenced to ensure accuracy in designs when filming. For example, in a scene where Li Xian’s character has his wedding, everything from the costumes to the props used were designed with historical accuracy in mind.

In a recent interview, male lead Li Xian revealed that after reading the script of A Love Never Lost, he immediately made up his mind to take up the project.

As the drama spans across the period of nearly 10 years, Li Xian revealed that he felt certain challenges in the process of preparing to play the role of Liang Xiang, but he firmly believes that every actor does their best to serve the character they are acting as.

Describing his character, Li Xian shared that Liang Xiang was once a young man who was passionate, naive and ambitious. However, this all changed when one of his brothers died, which shook up Liang Xiang’s will and determination.

After returning to China from his studies, Liang Xiang is inspired to explore ways to make China a wealthy country with strong soldiers and pave the path for a brighter future.

A Love Never Lost will be available starting J18 July at 8PM on iQIYI via iQIYI mobile application and the iQIYI international platform (

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