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Jom Beli Sambil Memberi with 11street’s Do Good Deals!

Jom Beli Sambil Memberi with 11street’s Do Good Deals!Throughout the month of Ramadhan – June 6 till July 5 – 11street (, will be partnering with The Budimas Charitable Foundation to launch ‘Do Good Deals’ charity campaign, aiming at raising funds for underprivileged children to provide them the most important meal of the day.

In Malaysia, 11street has been well-known for finding variety of products for consumers at shockingly good prices.

Taking a different spin this Ramadhan, the e-commerce giant is launching a charity initiative termed as ‘Do Good Deals’ offering shoppers the opportunity to Beli Sambil Memberi, with good deals and an avenue for patrons to do something good for the community.

On 11street’s ‘Do Good Deals’ page, shoppers can opt to pay the charity price of selected products, priced slightly higher than its recommended retail value and any extra ringgit contributed by patrons will be matched rightfully by 11street.

All proceeds will then be donated to help provide food to children in schools in Malaysia.

Feed a Child with Just a Click

Working hand-in- hand with The Budimas Charitable Foundation, proceedings from 11street’s ‘Do Good Deals’ campaign will be used to afford breakfast for underprivileged children at the break of dawn, tentatively aimed to start from September 2016.

This initiative is an extension from the Budimas Food Charity Fund that was introduced since 2010, to ensure that the school children who come from poorer families, do not go to school hungry.

The Budimas Foundation now caters to more than 6,900 disadvantaged children by providing daily breakfast meals for them on every school day.

Paying More for a Great Cause

To encourage people to Beli Sambil Memberi, an array of products ranging from groceries, household items to electronics, are sold from June 6 till July 7, 2016 to equip every home with all things needed for Raya and amongst the brands collaborating with 11street are including Tupperware, Kinohimitsu and many more.

Through this initiative, 11street is reaching out to all Malaysians, enlisting their help to ensure that children all around the nation will not go hungry in the morning. Join the cause and purchase these featured products at an increased cost for the benefit of these children.

To support the cause, please visit deals-june2016/

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