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kiplePark LPR – First License Plate Recognition Technology in Malaysia

kiplePark FIRST license plate recognition

kiplePark FIRST license plate recognition
kiplePark, a wholly-owned brand of Green Packet Berhad (‘Green Packet’), establishes itself as the game-changer that transforms the whole parking experience with the FIRST license plate recognition (LPR) technology in Malaysia.

Echoing a spirit of innovation and determination of Green Packet’s core business, kiplePark LPR is driven by artificial intelligence (‘AI’) technology that works through an AI camera, centralized management portal, e-wallet and digital payments. kiplePark LPR is also open for integration with existing parking system, maximizing the ROI of invested parking equipment by the parking operators.

Developed specifically to serve building, property management and parking owners better, kiplePark LPR can be deployed in both indoor and parking facilities.

What You Should Know About kiplePark LPR

kiplePark LPR
The kiplePark LPR is a highly user-friendly system where users only need to register their car license plate number using the kiplePark app.

Upon entering the car park, the users will receive a notification and e-Ticket on kiplePark app and while exiting, the kiplePark LPR system will automatically scan the car license plate number and payment will be automatically deducted from the users’ e-wallet.

Over the past few years, kiplePark LPR has captured and learnt images of more than 1 million car license plates in Malaysia. To-date, it has achieved more than 99% accuracy rate in reading the numbers of the car license plates.

Edisijuta is the first parking operator to provide a seamless parking operation and experience to users using kiplePark LPR technology. Presently, kiplePark LPR is undergoing trial and testing stages at other sites in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu.

kiplePark is not just about paying parking tickets. It also provides a security feature which allows the users to ‘lock’ their cars from leaving the venue. This can prevent potential car thefts so long as the cars are in the car parks.

“Parking is just the first step of shifting towards a cashless, ticketless and cardless world. Our plan is to be able to treat our license plate as an identity for our car like how we carry our identification card which gives us almost instant access to anything that can be driven through.

Further to that, we will continue to develop strategic partnership and collaboration with various parties to provide a seamless users’ experience, for example, allowing offers such as free parking from merchants when a minimum spending is met, parking space reservation, merchant discount, membership and etc.” – Mike Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Kiplepay Sdn Bhd.

kiplePark is a technology partner that helps parking operators to improve the parking operation while maximizing the ROI of the invested parking equipment. It delivers smart parking experience where everyone can drive, park and exit like a VIP.

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