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Memang Mudah by Altimet feat Sasi The Do & Maya Hanum

Ulang Tahun Ke-9 Bersama Altimet
They say the hardest part of getting started with what you want in life is the beginning of it.

We believe we’ve all experienced this. For one reason or another. Some of it are out of our control, and some are in our control. Trying to get somewhere in life is all determined by our attitude approaching the matter of our interest.

Is this case… what would Altimet do!

Altimet is a well-known Malaysian singer. He decides to make a song and tell the mass and his fans, that nothing is impossible. You just have to put your mind and heart to it to make something happen. The Song revolves around his life as a musician and how he made things happen and what encouraged him.

They say nothing comes easy. But, Altimet says “MemangMudah”.

He decides to write a song from scratch and work with a team of people who believes in him and made it MemamgMudah for his achievement. How did an ordinary Malaysian youth make it this far? What was his aspirations, how did he overcome his challenges and how did he stay positive? There was many up and downs in Altimet’s life but his attitude was the remedy to the challenges he faced.

Ulang Tahun Ke-9 Bersama Altimet

To make somethings possible, you need to have the right support and tools.

Some of the things we control are the decision to start towards our objective and the initial effort towards said objective, allocating/acquiring the resources etc.

This is where Mudah comes in, as most time you would want to purchase the right tools and equipment during the initial stages of achieving your objective. You can get these tools and equipment at a reasonable price on This tools you find will bring hope and a step closer to your dreams.

Memang Mudah – Altimet, Sasi The Don & Maya Hanum

Chorus: Maya Hanum
Verse: Altimet
English Bridge: Sasi The Don

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