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#MohonTerasa – L’Zzay feat Noraniza Idris

L’Zzay Releases Latest Single #MohonTerasa With Queen Of Ethnic Pop, Noraniza Idris.

After the huge success of ‘Joget Selfie Raya’ that became an instant hit soon after its release during Raya last year, L’Zzay returns with a new single entitled #MohonTerasa that promises to create waves in the local music industry.

With a deep interest in traditional Malay music, she has composed a new song that combines both modern R&B and traditional zapin elements with producer Rudy Abdul Halim.

#MohonTerasa - LZzay feat Noraniza Idris

What is interesting about this single, L’Zzay has invited our very own Queen Of Ethnic Pop Noraniza Idris to collaborate in this song.

With brilliant joint ideas, amazing voices and different singing techniques, this song is said to bring back the era where creative ethnic songs used to reign.

The lyrics are infused with words of wisdom and also some very light sarcastic remarks that were composed by L’Zzay herself and with the help of renowned composer Fedtri Yahya that touches on the issue of youngsters nowadays that wants to fall in love and to those that are deeply in love.

Following the current trend that everything becomes viral and being hashtag-ed once it is deemed original, hence the title #MohonTerasa. Will L’Zzay newest single surpass her ‘Joget Selfie Raya’. So stay tune for #MohonTerasa!

#MohonTerasa iTunes download available on 29 April and official lyric video will be up in L’zzayVevo on 6 May 2016.

Click HERE for Malay Version.

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