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My City • My Farm 2016 at Tropicana City Mall

‘My City • My Farm 2016’ to Raise Awareness on Environmental Sustainability and Inspire the Community to Plant for A Healthier Living

My City . My Farm 2016 at Tropicana City Mall

From 3 -12 June 2016, the main atrium of Tropicana City Mall will house a massive, indoor planting bed that sends across a familiar yet extremely pressing message; which is converting awareness into actions, and take responsibility over preserving and conserving the environment so that the future generation can enjoy a greener, more sustainable environment.

With a strong conviction that good habits need to be cultivated from young, ‘My City • My Farm 2016’ aims to ensure the younger generation understands the impact of ignorance towards environmental conservation, as well as the crucial role they have in preserving Mother Earth for their future and upcoming generations – starting from the habit of planting.

With the theme ‘Inspiring the Community to Plant for A Healthier Living’, “My City • My Farm 2016” encourages everyone to get down and dirty, and start planting as little initiatives that will bring a huge impact to the environment.

The campaign also aims to bust the myth that planting and growing fresh produce is only possible if you have a large piece of land in the countryside.

With the right methods, facilities and knowledge, along with food grade natural fertilizer that is suitable for home farming, the small plot of land and balconies in city homes can be converted into a haven of fruitful produce.

At the 10-day activity, children, youths and the people alike will get to learn the correct methods of planting city dwellers can easily adopt. At just RM30, participants will be given two plants – one to be planted at the plant bed at Tropicana City Mall, and the other to continue their planting and farming journey at home.

Plants from the campaign ground will be donated to a local education institute, where the teachers can continue their education process, and mobilise school children to take good care of the plants as a way to cultivate the good habit of planting. Proceeds from “My City •

My Farm 2016” campaign will also be contributed to a children’s organisation via the platform.

The “My City • My Farm 2016” is also supported by a string of like-minded brands, namely OzMade Liquidplant Food, Spritzer, Jasmine Food Corporation, Baba and MBG Fruits Sdn Bhd, as well as Tropicana City Mall as the venue partner.

Each sponsor and partner will also be making their presence felt at the event and engage with participants at the event, in support of the campaign’s initiative.

For further information on the ‘My City • My Farm 2016’, please visit:-

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