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New Cream-O Classic Sandwich Cookie with Chocolate Flavoured Cream

New Cream-O Classic Sandwich Cookie

Introducing the New Cream-O Classic Sandwich Cookie with Chocolate Flavoured Cream.

Life is an endless cycle! It presents a spin on the old or a re-hash of celebrated classics with a new take, be it our gadgets, fashion, food and just about anything in life.

So, why shouldn’t our sandwich cookies which we love snacking on, also be a celebration of the much-loved classics with a pinch of newness!

With that in mind, our passionate team at the JACK ‘n JILL Cream-O sandwich cookie factory set about to bake our latest sandwich cookie creation, making everyday O-some for sandwich cookie lovers in Malaysia, while helping us close an exceptionally challenging year with some O-some bites.

Rolling ‘hot out of its oven’ is an interesting spin to its delectable sandwich cookie range – the New Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O Classic, a sandwich cookie with chocolate flavoured cream.

“The concept behind Cream-O Classic is simple yet unique. What our JACK ‘n JILL Cream-O team actually did was to take a leaf from life’s lessons – whereby new and exciting inspirations can be found in something that is the norm or ‘classic’.

We did a jig of the classic sandwich cookie by giving a new spin to the flavours of our fillings and the sandwich cookie, ending up with an exciting new classic sandwich cookie; one that champions the classics yet injects a zest of newness to jive with present times,” – Maria Sarah Albert, General Manager of URC Snack Foods Malaysia.

Already known for its Cream-O sandwich cookies with tasty creamy flavoured filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies as well as Cream-O Tarts with delicious creamy flavoured filling and jam, this latest introduction complements JACK ‘n JILL Cream-O’s current range.

‘New Cream-O Classic Bite’ Challenge

Cream-O Classic Sandwich Cookie

To mark the roll-out of the New Cream-O Classic, JACK ‘n JILL invites you to be part of the ‘New Cream-O Classic Bite’ Challenge with just 2 easy steps. All you need to do is take an O-some and creative photo of yourself doing the ‘New Cream-O Classic Bite’ Challenge while enjoying a ‘new O-some Classic moment’ such as a celebratory bite, enhanced with a new touch.

Alternatively, you could don a classic or retro outfit, showcasing yourself in a modern setting. Then, just upload your photo onto your Facebook, tag our Facebook @creamomalaysia and #CreamOMY.

Remember to PM your receipt for purchase of Cream-O worth RM5 including at least one pack of Cream-O Classic.

Believe it or not, that pose will literally be as good as gold and you could be in the running for some O-some golden prizes custom-made to the look of Cream-O sandwich cookies.

The Grand Prize winner walks away with a Gold Cookie worth RM5,000, while two Second Prize winners receive a Gold Cookie worth RM3,000 each. The next 30 winners will enjoy a cash prize of RM300 each.

The ‘New Cream-O Classic Bite’ Challenge runs from 1 st October till 19th December 2021. More information is available at

Get cracking and think of that O-some classic bite pose that will single you out as a winner!

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