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Newly Launched Scott’s Gummies with Multivitamin

Scott's Multivitamin

Scott’s, the No.1 Brand in Peninsular Malaysia for the Child Health Supplement and Vitamin C (Child) Category announced the launch of the Scott’s Gummies with Multivitamin (rich in Vitamins A, B6, C, D & E and Zinc) that is specially designed for children of ages five and above, to play a role in their growth and development.

The Scott’s Gummies with Multivitamin contains the goodness of these essential nutrients at appropriate levels for children. At the same time, the gummies come in delicious Apple and Tropical flavours, catering to their preferred taste. The gummies are shaped like lions, monkeys and crocodiles, making it all the more attractive.

Scott’s Gummies Watsons Malaysia

Scott’s tapped into the multivitamin category as it covers only 29% in the Child Healthcare Supplement range, with Vitamin C taking up 41% and fish-based supplements covering 30%.

The existing Scott’s product portfolio focuses on DHA for brain development and Vitamin C for immunity. Thus, the company recognised the unmet need for multivitamins that promote growth and development.

“Many children avoid eating certain foods like fish that is rich in Vitamins A, B6 and D, and legumes that are rich in Zinc. The Scott’s Gummies with Multivitamin has been developed by nutrition experts and dieticians to provide children with essential micronutrients.

We still emphasize that a good, balanced diet is imperative to ensure little ones get sufficient nutrients for their healthy growth,” – Bryan Wong, General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK Consumer Healthcare).

Scott's Multivitamin

Scott’s collaborates with Watsons Malaysia in an effort to engage consumers to enjoy exclusive offers when they purchase via the Watsons e-commerce platform.

Consumers who make a purchase of RM100 and above will receive a free gift. Furthermore, participants of reality game show, Gen Z and Z Power sponsored by Scott’s Gummies, featured on TV3 and 8TV respectively, were present at the event. They were engaged in a series of exciting games and activities.

The new Scott’s Gummies with Multivitamin in Apple and Tropical flavours, retails at a recommended retail price of RM 46.50 for a bottle of 60s and RM 12.60 for a pack of 15s, and can be purchased at all leading pharmacies.

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