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NEXT FOR YOU Takes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang To a New Level

NEXT FOR YOU Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MOONTON Games has unveiled the next era for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, its longstanding mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has amassed millions of players and over a billion downloads worldwide.

NEXT FOR YOU will officially kickstart on June 27 in the next in-game patch update and herald new features for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players, such as a newly revamped emblem system, updated art style for five heroes (to be released in September), rank mode, lore, and incoming anniversary rewards.

The new update heralds in various quality of life changes to enhance overall in-game experience, and is designed to encourage players to play as they want, and achieve their ‘NEXT’ level of play. The new changes and more, were unveiled at MSC 2023.

Dive into the enchanting lore of Eruditio & Ixia

Known as the city of scholars in the Land of Dawn, players can now experience a brand-new story and lore that will be released on 1 July.

Home to heroes such as Layla, Bruno, Diggie, and more – the upgraded UI takes on an elegant blue and purple tone which takes after the bustling sci-fi metropolis that welcomes heroes from the Land of Dawn, The positive and welcoming environment of the city fosters immigrants and encourage its citizens to live as they see fit – and takes inspiration upon the Sumerian culture.

Create your very own highlights and story in Eruditio, with a newly revamped UI and map layout that will launch in September 2023.

2023 Project Next Update

Marksmen players are in for a treat with the new character, Ixia! A strongheaded character, Ixia was previously sidelined due to her origins as a Sand Hunter in the Agelta Drylands.

While Sand Hunters were notorious for robbing merchants and commiting evil, Ixia broke through the stereotype by making a name for herself and fortified her own self identity, when she met Layla in Eruditio.

Initially bitter about her circumstances and prejudice received by others, Ixia has cast aside all resentment thanks to her adventures at Eruditio and has sworn to never limit herself, nor her achievements. Similar to the newest hero, players are encouraged to be themselves and to attain the next level of play by banding up with friends or team mates who inspire them and help them achieve their ‘NEXT’ level.

Immerse yourself in the new realm, which will launch on 8 July.

Play the game your way with the new features!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players can now customise emblem sets for each hero, enabling them to choose any talent attributes they wish to apply to their hero. Upon developing your talent system, players can now make combinations freely in contrast to before – allowing for a myriad of builds to conquer the Land of Dawn.

Currently, players can only affix one emblem system to one hero – but the process will now be much simpler. It will follow the same interactive upgrading process.

Purchasing emblems will also no longer cost BP, that can be spent on acquiring heroes instead. More details on the emblem system revamp will be shared at a later date.

Chase to the top of the leaderboards to attain the new rank – Mythical Triumph! The new rank will now replace Mythical Glory as the highest gameplay tier.

Now, there are a total of nine ranks to climb the ladder each season, which grants players rights to compete at the highest level possible and face professional-level players and squads across the world. Master the various heroes in-game, and put your grit and determination to the test by becoming the best in the next season.

Create the next level of play at Layla’s Workshop!

Want to be part of making Mobile Legends: Bang Bang bigger, and better? Co-create with us at Layla’s Workshop, where players can gather and share their feedback through major update proposals that will be shown in-game.

Layla’s Workshop offers a new way for players to communicate, with a vote to be held on the final proposal. The changes will be implemented should a vast majority of players or community agree with these changes.

Celebrate the upcoming anniversary in September

Get set for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang anniversary taking place in September, where more details on the annual campaign will be unveiled. The next anniversary will be celebrating the launch of the new in-game features, and more.

For more information on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, please refer to the following links below or download the game at the App Store and Play Store.

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