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Official Launch of Commune at Sunway Velocity Mall

Official Launch of Commune at Sunway Velocity Mall

Official Launch of Commune at Sunway Velocity Mall
Commune at Sunway Velocity Mall officially launched, giving shoppers in Malaysia a whole new artistic retail experience.

Located on the fifth floor of Sunway Velocity Mall, Cheras, this 15,000-square- foot area features 13 stores and 43 independent brands, ranging from single-origin specialty coffee, beautifully designed hand-carved furniture, and mind-provoking books, to the latest in fashion, amazing eco-friendly beauty products and so much more.

Shoppers can get personal with each brand, actively engaging with the entrepreneurial artisans and learning the story behind every product they purchase.

To further strengthen the engagement, some brands in Commune also organize workshops for shoppers to elevate their shopping experience to a new level by understanding certain skills or knowledge that are closely associated to the products or services they appreciate.

After filling up on a wholesome retail experience, visitors can participate in the diverse range of special events that will be held in the Events Foyer, located at the heart of this unique retail space.

Thank you for all your kind attendance and celebrate Commune official launch party with us! Hope you enjoyed the evening and shows we curated just for you!

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Posted by Commune at Sunway Velocity on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Patrons can come together to enjoy a host of experiences tailored to provide enrichment for attendees. Some past events that were held here include the Chinese Opera showcase, independent film screenings, curated flea markets & specialty bazaars.

Senior General Manager of Sunway Velocity Mall, Mr. KS Wong said,

“The concept behind Commune is to create a community of artisans and their patrons. We encourage the development of originality and cultures and are determined to provide a platform for artisans to grow by supporting one another. We even match-make some brands with a smaller portfolio of products to collaborate with existing stores in order to diversify the offerings.”

“It is an incubator for aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs and provides them an environment that is responsive to the style and trends of their craft, while being accessible to the public,”

To celebrate its grand opening, Commune hosted a launch party aimed at highlighting its vast range of entrepreneurs and introducing this revolutionary concept.

To discover the complete list of indulgences and offerings, visit Commune at Sunway Velocity Mall. It is open daily from 10AM to 10PM and is also made available for private events and functions.

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