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OPPO FindX3 Pro 5G is Coming to Malaysia in March 2021!

OPPO FindX3 Pro is Coming to Malaysia

After the global launch of FindX3 series on 11 th March 2021 last week, all OPPO’s enthusiasts are looking forward to the landing of the legendary FindX3 Pro in Malaysia.

Its arrival is beyond thrilling and grateful as the birth of FindX3 has consumed more than 10 years of delegate hard work and time of OPPO’s team behind the scene. Today, we are here to finally announce that FindX3 Pro is coming to Malaysia soon!

OPPO FindX3 Pro is like a pocket of beauty, both inside and outside. From the design, FindX3 Pro is ahead of the curve. With the combination of futuristics design, perfectly blends the camera module with the back panel through a highly difficult forging process, FindX3 Pro will be the most beautiful, comfortable and durable smartphone you have ever used.

OPPO FindX3 Pro is Coming to Malaysia

Not only that, FindX3 Pro is equipped with World’s first 1 Billion Dual Primary Camera in Andriod Phones, is the only smartphone in the world that can both capture and display 1 billion colours with adaptive 120HZ technology, supporting an outstanding 10-bit colour depth.

To build the irreplaceable FindX3 Pro, OPPO has also adopted two Sony IMX766 sensors, producing World’s first Ultra-wide-angle camera with 50 Megapixels- the must-have ultra-wide-angle camera in 2021.It’s 60x Microlens- the best in the market so far, that can capture details within details.

The FindX3 Pro also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon888 and Dolby Stereo Sound, building the ultimate entertainment device. Of course, a great flagship smartphone will not be completed without a great battery.

FindX3 Pro is now equipped with 30W AirVOOC Flash Charge and 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge, delivering fast-charging rate in a blink of eye.

To find out the exact time and venue where the arrival of FindX3 Pro 5G happens, kindly stay tuned to OPPO’s official Facebook page and Official Website, there will be surprise happened in any time!

For more information on the OPPO products, kindly refer to OPPO Official Website:

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