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‘Remember Me’ First And Last Duet Songs from Eunb with HyunMin-A

No more secrets.

Ladies Code member, EunB who passed away dueto tragic accident recently, has left many beautiful moments and memories for her family and fans. Including a beautiful warm, acoustic duet track which she recorded with HyunMin-A.

In addition to active activities as the member of Ladies Code, the late EunB actually recorded a duet song in July 2013 with HyunMin-A, a Malaysian Entertainer and artist who has now broken into K-pop market as a K-pop singer.

Remember Me

It is verified through Polaris Entertainment’s member that this duet track happens to be the first and last duet song from EunB ever recorded.

Through conversations between HyunMin and EunB’s moms recently, Eunbi’s mother stated that late EunB was very happy to be selected to sing the duet track with HyunMin-A.

She added that back when she was getting ready to record the song…she noticed EunB was always humming the song around the house and seemed to be really excited about recording the song with Hyunmin-A.

The title of the duet track is called “Remember Me” which was actually scheduled to be launched towards the end of the year. After when Ladies Code’s latest singles “Kiss Kiss” promotion was

According to HyunMin’s management, Blessync Media, the music video for the duet song which involves the two artists was being planned, along with a reality TV program which is being developed currently which also involved the two artists as main cast of the show.

However, under the current situation at hand, Blessync Media is in the process of restructuring the previous planning entirely into a tribute promotion for the two young artists who passed away in a tragic

And with the cooperation of Polaris Entertainment, the duet song “Remember Me” will be released in accordance with the concept of the “EunB & Lisae Tribute”.

Yes, it is the first and the last duet song EunB ever sang with any artist.Right now, EunB’s management, Polaris Entertainment is still in its sensitive stage.

Once the grieving subsides and when they are able to get there head around things again, we then will start the discussion on what can be done with the song.

But before any discussion actually gets started seriously it can take potentially take more time.

And as stated previously the only option we have with the song is to Dedicate the song as a “commemoration / tribute” song for EunB. Just to make things clear, this song will be a tribute song to EunB. There will be no rerecording with any other artists,

Said Blake Shin, CEO of Blake continued the explanation and told the media the reason why this “tribute” concept is actually important.

We want to make sure we really commemorate who these artists are and their dedication to music.

Our goal for this “tribute” is to somehow make sure what the two young artists are not forgotten and live on in the hearts of many K-pop fans around the world.

How did HyunMin-A, or previously known as Ajieb Rosdi in Malaysia became engaged with EunB as the duet song partner?

Blake Shin explained that while HyunMin was being trained at M Net Academy. Ladies Code was also preparing for their album and being trained there as well.

So Naturally HyunMin and EunB became acquainted and later on became friends. He further explained that the demo song was actually given to all the members of the Ladies Code but in the end.

It was Eunbi who connected with the song the most powerfully and also with Hyunmin as well in terms of chemistry.

Considering that this song happens to be the first and last duet song from EunB, we are planning things from many levels, and trying to come up with the best possible course of action for the duet song, “Remember Me”.

To find out more about “Remember Me”, and relevant information, you can contact us or follow twitter HyunMinAjieb.

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