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Mastercard Unveils Rugby World Cup 2019’s ‘Player of the Match’ Trophy

Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy

Rugby World Cup 2019 Trophy
Technology Fuels Spirit of Sportsmanship at Rugby World Cup 2019 as Mastercard Unveils Live ‘Player of the Match’ Trophy.

As Rugby World Cup 2019 TM kicks off, worldwide partner Mastercard is celebrating the inclusive spirit and innovation that makes rugby a uniting force for fans and players around the world.

With a recognition of the impact technology has on the fan experience, Mastercard today unveiled new changes to Player of the Match award. New for 2019, the Mastercard Player of the Match trophy blends Japanese heritage with cutting-edge technology, celebrating the first-ever Rugby World Cup™ in Asia.

Rugby World Cup 2019’s ‘Player of the Match’ Trophy

The hardware features a sculptural origami design, inspired by the work of Professor Jun Mitani**, and will be finished live on the ground with in-the-moment laser etching reflecting highlights from the match.

Monitoring fan activity on social media through a bespoke API – combined with commentary from the official worldfeed RWC 2019 TM – Mastercard will select the top moments of each match to be immortalized on the trophy.

This unique storymaking approach enables players to take home a first-of-its-kind, truly priceless account of the match, so they can re-live moments of passion, excitement and sporting greatness.

In addition to Dan Carter and Bryan Habana, Mastercard is working with Joy Neville, Michael Leitch and Akihito Yamada as global ambassadors for Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan to bring fans closer to the games and sport they love.

This year, Mastercard will host its first-ever Priceless Surprise Twitter thread, a priceless chain of unexpected moments in unexpected places with unsuspecting people during the opening weekend of Rugby World Cup 2019.

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