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ServisHero Launches Sahur Wake Up Call For Ramadan

ServisHero Launches Sahur Wake Up Call For Ramadan

ServisHero Launches Sahur Wake Up Call For Ramadan
In the spirit of the Ramadan month, ServisHero has launched its special wake up call service for the second year running.

The service, dubbed as Sahur With ServisHero, is a free service that acts as a personal alarm clock for Muslims to wake up in time for the special hours of Sahur.

With the service, ServisHero wants to ensure that Muslims don’t miss a single Sahur, which is an integral part of Ramadan that provides us the energy to last throughout the day.

Sahur With ServisHero will be available for the entire month of Ramadan and is available for everyone. Interested customers can simply sign up on by providing their name, phone number, and email.

Once they confirm their details, these customers will subsequently begin to receive daily wake up calls at 5AM starting from May 27th, 2017.

In addition to the wake up call service, ServisHero wants to make its customers’ lives easier during the Holy Month by providing customers with RM20 off on all cleaning services through the promo code #RAMADAN2017.

The promo code is applicable for the entire month in the Klang Valley region only. Currently, cleaning services are available on ServisHero Direct, a new service that was launched in April 2017 that provides instant booking, online payment and insurance coverage up to RM100,000.

With the Ramadan wake up call service and promotion, ServisHero looks forward to a month full of blessings. Have a blessed Ramadan!

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