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Start Completing Your Shell’s Star Wars™ Racers Collection at RM49.90

Shell's Star Wars™ Racers Collection

Shell’s Star Wars™ Racers Collection – Shell Malaysia has just unveiled an exclusive line of remote-control cars in a team-up with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

This collection merges innovation associated with Shell V-Power alongside the timeless appeal of fan-favourite Star Wars characters, creating the world’s first, Star Wars™ Racers Collection that is bound to excite both fans and enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from the battle between light and dark, this limited-edition collection features six remote-control car designs which includes:

  • Darth Vader™ Racer
  • Stormtrooper™ Racer
  • Darth Maul™ Racer
  • The Mandalorian™ Racer
  • Boba Fett™ Racer
  • BB-8™ Racer

6 Shell's Star Wars™ Racers Collection

This highly anticipated collection was meticulously crafted to create individual car models inspired by some of Star Wars’ most unforgettable characters, celebrating the longstanding legacy of Shell, and the love for Star Wars stories in Malaysia.

The sleek, dark and elegant Darth Vader™ Racer is inspired by the menacing aura of the fan-favourite Star Wars character. The car grille is reminiscent of Vader’s mask complete with beaming LED rear lights inspired by his eyes.

On the other hand, representing the might of the Imperial Army, the Stormtrooper™ Racer adapts a clean, minimalist look coated in high gloss white finish.

The Darth Maul™ Racer is painted in a deep, blood-red metallic finish that shimmers, referencing the character’s distinctive markings, complete with a roof inspired by Maul’s horns, evoking a ferocious outlook with frenzied power.

The Mandalorian™ Racer coated in matte silver finish is inspired by Din Djarin and his beskar armor. You will also find The Mandalorian™ signet adorned on the right rear wheel “shoulder”.

The fearsome and capable bounty hunter Boba Fett™ follows suit. Inspired by a dent on Boba Fett’s helmet, the team translated the signature feature into the car design as well. The car sports a rugged, military-style matte green and also features a miniature model of the character’s targeting rangefinder.

Completing the 2023 line up is a design inspired by the loyal astromech, BB-8. Boasting a futuristic, compact and spherical design, this car brings its standout orange and white livery to the track.

Shell X Star Wars Collection

Shell’s Star Wars™ Racers Collection retains all the special features, including the Bluetooth control and proprietary smart battery from the Shell Motorsports Collection last year.

With the Shell Racing App on the App Store and Google Play, customers can enjoy an exhilarating racing experience, now themed after galactic adventures.

Beginning from 6th October till 19th November, the limited-edition Bluetooth remote-control cars will be released one model per week exclusively at Shell Stations nationwide. Individual car models except the Darth Vader™ Racer are available for purchase at RM49.90 with a minimum RM50 fuel purchase in a single receipt of Shell FuelSave 95, Shell V-Power 97 or Shell V-Power Racing.

The smart Bluetooth battery is available at RM30 with the same minimum fuel purchase as the car models.

The Darth Vader™ Racer is free with every Shell Helix Ultra/ Power 4L purchase at Shell stations. To complete their collection, customers can also purchase the Collector Casing at RM89.90 when they pump RM80 Shell V-Power Racing in a single receipt.

Start completing your Shell’s Star Wars™ Racers Collection by joining the Epic Journey at Shell. Collect these bounties at Shell Stations while stocks last.

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