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SNICKERS® Promotes Empathy And Tolerance During Ramadan

SNICKERS® Promotes Empathy And Tolerance During Ramadan

SNICKERS® Promotes Empathy And Tolerance During Ramadan
SNICKERS ®, one of Malaysians’ favourite chocolate bars, launched its SNICKERS ® Memahami (Snickers Understands) campaign to appreciate the religious obligation that Muslims observe during the month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan month is regarded as a period of time whereby people are not just focusing on completing their fast, but it is also seen as moments in which Muslim families get together, reconnect and celebrate breaking of fast as a family.

This year, SNICKERS® Memahami campaign shed some light on the meaning and practice of Ramadan, but from a non-Muslim’s perspective. In an on-ground event, roadshow activities and online video, SNICKERS® along with Malaysians who are non-Muslims united to support fellow Malaysians who are fasting.

The SNICKERS® team working on the SNICKERS® Memahami campaign actually immersed themselves by fasting in order to fully experience the practice of Ramadan and their personal experience was recorded for the SNICKERS® campaign video.

Through the campaign, SNICKERS® aims to evoke a sense of understanding and respect towards the practice of Ramadan and its values such as, patience, sacrifice, humility, generosity, and bonding with family and friends.

At the same time, it is meant to remind Malaysians of the significance of tolerance and acceptance amongst Malaysians, and the strong bond between people of different religious and cultural practices.

In conjunction with SNICKERS® Memahami campaign, SNICKERS ® is also distributing 15,000 buka puasa packs at high-traffic areas including selected Petronas and LRT stations within Klang Valley.

For more information, updates and to watch the SNICKERS® Memahami campaign video, log on to SNICKERS ® Malaysia’s Facebook page:

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