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Seek New Thrilling Adventures with the SUUNTO 5 Peak


SUUNTO 5 Peak : Lighter, sleeker, longer lasting – Adventure Starts Here with the new GPS sports watch designed to perfectly complement your journey to better fitness.

When it comes to sports watches, every fitness enthusiast subscribes to this gold standard: A sturdy by design watch packed with excellent features yet doesn’t hold them back with complicated usage and unnecessary bulk.

SUUNTO, global leader in sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments, has continuously ticked all these boxes and its latest release, the SUUNTO 5 Peak, is no different.

Designed to guide fitness lovers towards reaching their fitness goals, it is packed with extensive yet easy-to-navigate modes and features and is also one of the lightest models available weighing in only at 39 grams!

The lightweight watch also offers up to 100 hours of battery life, features a sleek design true to SUUNTO’s Nordic heritage with a selection of easily changeable stylish accessory straps.

Its sweet price point also makes it hard to say no to. A watch that looks and feels great on you while you’re out there living your best adventures? That’s the SUUNTO 5 Peak for you!

SUUNTO 5 Peak Designed for People Active in the Outdoors

Proudly made in Finland, this evolution of the SUUNTO 5 model is designed for people active in the outdoors who want to explore new terrain and achieve personal fitness goals safely and confidently.

Whether for running, hiking, walking, cycling or trail running, the SUUNTO 5 Peak sees to it that you have everything at your wrist to accompany you on your adventure.

SUUNTO 5 Peak Running

Its handy music controls ensure you have all the right tunes to get you pumping while its GPS navigation features that include turn by turn navigation keep you safe on your route without you having to worry about going off path or getting lost.

Combined with the SUUNTO app and its heat and 3D maps, one can easily discover popular routes, plan and then transfer them to their watch. When they are ready, all they need to do is follow the route for their next adventure.

True to the SUUNTO DNA, the SUUNTO 5 Peak is built to withstand all weather conditions with its durable stainless-steel bezel and is water resistant up to 30m. It is also compatible with the SUUNTO bike sensor and smart belt so its user can get more out of their favourite fitness adventure.

SUUNTO 5 Peak Collection

Like how everyone’s taste for adventure is different, the SUUNTO 5 Peak comes with straps in six colours, including SUUNTO’s first strap made with waste materials left over in strap production. If that’s not enough choices, there are nine other compatible 22mm accessory straps to mix things up whatever the mood is for the day.

The watch is also a reflection of SUUNTO’s commitment to sustainability whereby it features ecological packaging and uses as many materials as possible that are carbon neutral to minimise impact on the environment, staying close to its sustainability motto, Made in Finland with 100% renewable energy.

Also part of SUUNTO’s commitment to sustainability include long-life products, extensive repair services, research projects that support biodiversity conservation, a Lifecycle analysis that measures the complete footprint created during the product’s lifetime, and more responsibility in supply chains.

For a limited time only, customers will receive a yoga mat with their purchase of the SUUNTO 5 Peak. The watch is priced at RM1,499 and is available for online purchase at Lazada.

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