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Systema Launches Pre Teen Toothbrush

Systema Launches Pre Teen ToothbrushSystema Launches Pre Teen Toothbrush, The Ideal Friend for Protecting Permanent Teeth Right From the Start.

Systema, the No.1 toothbrush brand in Japan introduced an innovative solution with its latest product, Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush that is designed for pre-teens especially between the age of 8 to 12 years old.

Held at SK Taman Megah today, the launch of Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush was witnessed by over 300 students and teachers.

As the market leader in tapered-bristle toothbrush segment, we are simply thrilled with the idea of reaching out to new group of consumers and being able to make a difference to their lives with this new innovative solution!

Through focus group interviews conducted with mothers and their children, we are backed by strong consumer insights that led us to design a toothbrush that meets the Malaysian pre-teens’ requirements.” – Marketing Manager – Oral Care of Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Ms. Nazura Jalil

Maintaining Systema’s unique 0.02mm tapered bristles, Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush is further enhanced with ultra-soft bristles that are much gentler to tender gum as the permanent teeth are erupting. Because the children have a mixture of milk and permanent teeth, the bristles are arranged to be bi-level to clean the uneven teeth surface more effectively.

Compared to ordinary toothbrushes, the features of Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush enable the children to remove plaque 40% better in between teeth where cavities often starts and 9 times better along gum lines to prevent gum problem or gingivitis.

All these cleaning effectiveness are delivered whilst being 3x gentler on teeth and gums. The children can now have better control when brushing with the flexible handle and slip prevention grip.

A rounded and compact head size with slim neck design fits the pre-teens’ mouths and helps to reach developing molars more effectively. The handles of myriad design and attractive packaging also add colour to their daily oral care routine.
Systema Launches Pre Teen Toothbrush Geng UPSR

Characters of popular children TV program, Geng UPSR, consisting of Hud, Adnan, Dina and Mei Yee presented a skit that highlights the many common oral care problems faced by tweens in real life.

The entertaining performance was followed by a collaborative choral speaking performance with the team from SK Taman Megah. Guests at the event also had a sneak preview of Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush’s new TVC starring the cast members of Geng UPSR aimed at educating guests on the importance of using the right toothbrush.

To the delight of everyone present at the launch, all the students went home with a Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush each, to kick off their journey of protecting healthy permanent teeth right from the start.

Protecting permanent teeth right from the start, Systema Pre Teen 0.02mm toothbrush is now available in major hypermarkets, supermarkets and leading pharmacies nationwide, at the recommended consumer price of RM 7.10.

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