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‘Take CTRL’ an Original Family Comedy Series

Poster Take CTRL

Astro customers can look forward to the premiere of Take CTRL, an original local family comedy series by Astro, in collaboration with Graph Studios, led by director Derrik Yaw.

The series revolves around siblings, Sky and Ramunah, whose biggest complaint in life is their controlling parents until they stumble upon a mind-control video game.

The kids then get a taste of what it feels like to do a role switch and be in the driver’s seat. Take CTRL will premiere on 29 January, every Saturday, 9pm on TA-DAA! (Ch 612), Astro GO and On Demand.

The series stars popular film actor Shaheizy Sam (Papa), alongside Hana Nadira (Mama), Faiz Najib (Sky) and Sry Khairudin (Ramunah), the debut for a lead in a TV series for the latter three.

Customers can also look forward to a diverse talent line-up featured in this bi-lingual series including Gabriel Pountney, Rika Adrina, Marianne Tan, Farid Azmeir, Phoon Chi Ho, and Prakash Daniel along with special cameos by popular local content creators, Jenn Chia and Jin Lim (Jinnyboy).

Poster Take CTRL

Take CTRL, a 6-episode series, presents a unique concept, exploring two worlds: the real; and the virtual, which is infused with gaming elements to which young audiences can relate.

At the same time parents will be able empathise with the struggles of Papa and Mama trying to balance being the fun parent versus the disciplinarian exacerbated by their kids’ digital and gaming habits.

The series is also the first local production to utilise ‘Unreal Engine’, an advanced real-time 3D creation technology.

The series portrays the love-hate relationship and family dynamics between siblings and parents, and how they come to terms in a world where digital takes over. In line with the show’s tagline “with control, comes chaos”, the kids ultimately learn that having control is not as easy as it seems, and that there are always consequences.

Take CTRL is sponsored by TIME Internet. Customers can enjoy the new episodes of Take CTRL at 9pm, every Saturday on TA-DAA! (Ch 612), Astro GO or On Demand.

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