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Telefilm – The Travelling Beruang Campaign

Barisan Pelakon Travelling Beruang
The Travelling Beruang Campaign which was officially launched on 9th June 2015, is approaching its zenith when the telefilm airs on TV3 this 31st October and 1st November 2015.

Who thought that the idea which merely started off from a telefilm has now evolved into something more meaningful in raising funds to aid children suffering from cancer in Malaysia?

In fact, this telefilm is the first-of-its-kind which was produced for a corporate social responsibility cause. To date, a total of RM111, 645 have been jointly raised by main sponsor Air Asia, co-sponsor Altel and TV3 as the official TV station.

The funds were raised with the sale of Travelling Beruang plush bears.

The telefilm, which comprises two parts, features a star-studded cast which includes Ungku Ismail Aziz, Elizad Sharifuddin, Yana Samsudin, Zara Zya, Zul Huzaimy and Ammar Titan. The film is expected to be a hit among the masses with its inspirational-based storyline.

Travelling Beruang tells the story of a novelist named Adit (Ungku Ismail Aziz) whose life becomes meaningless after losing his daughter to cancer. Even his relationship with his wife, Lisa (Zara Zya), has begun to fizzle out. Lisa has noticed a tremendous change in her husband’s behaviour as he seems to be prioritizing his career over everything ever since he lost the apple of his eye.

Tormented by guilt, Adit is no longer able to write novels. One day, he bumps into an old friend, Zamani (Zul Huzaimy) who appears to be upset and worried. He then tells Adit that his daugter Aishah (Yuyun Yuslin) too has been diagnosed with cancer. Adit is stunned because it mirrored his ordeal.

When Adit pays Aishah a visit at the hospital, his heart sinks looking at her frail condition. His mind drifts back to the days when his late daughter was stricken with the debilitating illness. Since then, Adit visits Aishah regularly. Aishah, meanwhile, confided in Adit her dream to see the world. Sadly, she was not able to do so due to her present condition which restricts her movements.

Since then, Adit developed a strong passion to turn Aishah’s dreams into reality. Adit took a bold step in travelling across the globe and Aishah was able to see world through the eyes of her favourite plush toy, Mr. Bear. Although she was sad because she could never set foot in the beautiful places around the world, her spirits rose when Adit prosmised to share his adventures with her everytime he travelled.

Adit was doing it not only for Aishah but also to fill the void in his life caused by his daughter’s death. During the journey, he is bound to meet a mysterious woman named Kat (Elizad Sharifuddin) who will lead him to a new discovery. What will happen? This is one of the most awaited moments among Malaysian viewers.

Part 1 of this inspirational story was screened much earlier at the cinema during the Travelling Beruang Telefilm Charitable Screenings. Tickets were sold at RM25 each and all proceeds were channeled to the Travelling Beruang MAKNA Fund. The screening sessions were held in collaboration with our co-sponsors Tropicana City Mall and The Mines Shopping Mall.

During the first charitable screenings on 24th October 2015, members of the public were privileged to watch Part 1 of the telemovie together with the cast members at GSC, Tropicana City Mall whereas the same screenings that were held in TGV, The Mines Shopping Mall on 25th October 2015 were supported by artists such as Zul Ariffin, Amyra Rosli, Syafiq Kyle, Fezrul Khan, Ruhainies, Adibah Yunus, Shukri Yahya, Zahirah Macwilson and Ezzaty Abdullah.

The charitable screenings are the zenith of the Travelling Beruang campaign when Part 2 of the telefilm will be shown on TV3 come 31st October and 1st November 2015 at 9.00pm. The Travelling campaign will continue its noble mission in raising funds for children suffering from cancer members of the public can still contribute towards the Travelling Beruang MAKNA Fund via its Maybank account 5140 7561 6705.

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