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The Autobots Roll Out in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Autobots Roll Out in Mobile Legends

Autobots Roll Out in Mobile Legends

Team up with the Autobots and clash with your enemies in the Land of Dawn! The Transformers franchise has finally landed in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and fans can redeem epic skins and prizes by participating through the Transformers: Battle Paint activity.

From today to November 22, players can collect Sprays to unlock three special in-game skins that will
be available for a limited time only:

● Johnson – Optimus Prime (Epic)
● Granger – Megatron (Epic)
● X. Borg – Bumblebee (Epic)

There will also be avatar frames, expressions, and effects that can be redeemed through the Battle Paint activity. The first wave of the collaboration will take place from August 24th onwards to September 10th, with more in-game items for grabs in the second wave.

“The Transformers franchise is well-loved by fans around the world, and we wanted to bring the classic sci-fi action even closer to our Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players,” – Roger Yu, Game Director, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

As part of the brand collaboration, players in North America will also get the chance to win the time-limited Transformers skins for free by participating in the H5 event John’s Birthday Present Hunt.

There will be a special story mode for fans to experience during this campaign period.

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