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The First in South East Asia Bus Levitation Show

Bus Levitation the best public magic , which holding the bus with one hand and flying through the whole city next to a bus. The stunt was well known among all magicians and shocked to all pedestrians alongside the bus while conducting at europe.

Dissendium Sdn Bhd from “Dissendium Theater” will present the show this Fridays around KL city. Beside that, artiste Jenvine Ong will be one of the magicians in this show.

Dissendium Theater Malacca Bus Levitation Show

Magic show has always been mysterious to everyone. Most people think that magic is widespread in Western countries.

But in 1405, the Admiral Cheng Ho accompanied Princess Hang Li Po to marry the Sultan of Malacca. The princess brought a dowry of 500 men and women from China, many of whom were performers, including magicians, illusionists and acrobats.

A lot performer integrated the essence of Western magic and innovation. Subsequently Dissendium Theater was born, founded by a group of magic enthusiast. The Dissendium Theater provided a stage platform for those who wish to perpetuate the spirit of performing magic.

Like many things, magic has changed and evolved through time but the only value that has not changed, is the smile that magic puts on people’s face.

Dissendium Theater, located strategically in the town center, accommodates up to 280 seats with a vast parking lot for convenience. It is situated next to a Nyonya Cuisine restaurant that can cater to 350 diners.

This venue is thus an ideal one-stop night out for food and entertainment with parking facilities. Dissendium Sdn Bhd has invested around RM5million into this project.

Talents from Germany, Thailand and Malaysia perform in Dissendium Theater. These talents are highly trained and have international exposure to provide a show that will guarantee high acclaim.

Let’s step into the 21st century of magic journey together at Dissendium Theater Malacca.

Information about Dissendium Theater:

Dissendium Theater Malacca
No.178, Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka
General Line : 06-5125 055 / 088
Reservation Hotline : 017-260 2088

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