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Welcome to the world of The InBetween, where justice lives between this world and the next.

Premiering on May 31, Friday at 10.35pm on Blue Ant Entertainment (Unifi TV Ch 473), this suspenseful character-driven procedural drama frontlines Cassie Bedford, who was born with a rare ability.

She has visions…whether she likes it or not.

Sometimes Cassie sees events that have occurred or will happen in the future. In addition, she encounters unsettled spirits who need her help.

When her father Detective Tom Hackett, and his new partner, former FBI Agent Damien Asante need assistance solving a dark and puzzling murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities and helps solve some of Seattle’s most challenging cases.

Moira Kirland ("Castle," "Madam Secretary") is the Writer/Executive Producer of the TV series, starring Harriet Dyer ("Cassie Bedford"), Justin Cornwell ("Damien Asante"), Anne-Marie Johnson ("Lieutenant Swanstrom"), Cindy Luna ("Detective Marina Salinas"), Chad James Buchanan ("Will") and Paul Blackthorne ("Tom Hackett").

Moira Kirland serves as executive producer along with David Heyman, Nancy Cotton and Matthew Gross. Charlotte Sieling served as executive producer and directed the pilot.

Trailer The InBetween

Introducing Cassie Bedford | The InBetween

When the physical evidence leads to a dead end, Cassie Bedford can reach out and talk to the departed to bring light new evidence to a case. #TheInBetween

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