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TOOKAR Fires Up “Red Hot” CNY Deals

Tookar Chinese New Year Deals

Tookar, an online car-buying website that allows car buyers to grab real good deals from authorized dealers while saving time and money, is offering “red hot” Chinese New Year Deals to bring you even better deals this festive season.

For an extra special treat this month until early February 2017*, car buyers can grab the opportunity to buy a new car with Tookar’s Ang Pow, where car buyers can enjoy savings starting from RM1,000 and much more by going through a seamless process on Tookar’s website.

Mr. Tan Ming Kim, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Tookar said that the company saw an opportunity to ease the burden of the people after a challenging 2016. Offering these deals is a way for Tookar to give back to the community.

Chinese New Year is about the spirit of generosity and sharing the goodness all around.

Witnessing the overwhelming responses that we have had on Tookar’s website has inspired us to give back to our supportive customers by offering something special during this prosperous time,” said Mr. Tan.

Most car-buyers wait for a good time to buy a new car, and Tookar believes that savvy car-buyers would opt to wait for a good deal when buying the car of their dreams, rather than splurge at the end of the year.

Eager car-buyers would have saved up extra cash and year-end bonuses for a new vehicle.

Buying a new car during Chinese New Year, like buying new clothes, is considered good luck, signaling a prosperous start to the New Year. The joy of being able to “balik kampong” in a brand-new car is inexplicable.

Shopping malls usually have generous sales this time of the year. At Tookar, we wanted to be a part of the festivities by offering real good deals to our buyers. We want to be a part of that pride and joy that our customers feel when they drive home their new cars this year,” said Mr. Tan.

For more information on Tookar’s Chinese New Year Ang Pow, log on to to grab your new car. [Please Use Promo Code : SL1E8PC2]

*Tookar’s CNY Ang Pow deal may be extended till mid-February 2017, please log on to for more updates on the promotion

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