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You May Unlock Your OPPO F5 With Your Face!

Unlock Your OPPO F5 With Your Face

Unlock Your OPPO F5 With Your Face
The fingerprint unlock sensor of the F5 has moved to the back of the phone which allows users to fully enjoy the full-screen display, without the disruption of home button.

In the era of facial biometric tech, there is now a newer and swagger way to unlock the new OPPO F5, which is the facial recognition technology or usually known as “Facial Unlock”.

Users can easily scan their faces to unlock their F5 just like how they unlock their device with fingerprints.

With facial unlock, users just need to look at their phones and F5 can be easily unlocked within 0.4 seconds only!

There is no need to worry even when users’ hands are in inconvenient situation! How fascinating? On a side note, users surely have rights to select the standard unlocking modes that suit them best, such as fingerprint unlock, password unlock and pattern unlock.

In addition, users can finally rely on “Facial Unlock” to keep their OPPO F5 secure as their devices only can recognize users’ faces. It is definitely a convenient and safe technology that can ease users’ daily lives.

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