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The Finest Victoria and Tasmania Products at Jasons Food Hall

Jasons Food Hall

Jasons Food Hall
Jasons Food Hall is expanding its line of fresh produce to feature a range of cheese, dairy products, snacks, dips and high quality seafood specially imported from that states of Victoria and Tasmania in Australia.

Both Victoria and Tasmania are located at the southernmost part of Australia. The state of Victoria is prominent for its food and beverage manufacturing and wide farmland areas comprising of large-scale livestock and grain productions.

Tasmania has been dubbed as ‘The Island of Inspiration’ and has reputation for boutique cheeses, dairy products and a large exporter of seafood, particularly salmon.

“We at Jasons Food Hall are committed to providing our consumers with high quality products sourced from all around the world. We are always listening to our customers, in an effort to meet their needs and deliver a great in-store experience.

With that in mind, we are honoured to be the exclusive partner to feature fresh produce and other high quality products from Victoria and Tasmania,” – Pierre-Olivier Deplanck, the Managing Director of GCH Retail Malaysia.

Jasons Food Hall will see an addition

Through this partnership, Jasons Food Hall will see an addition to its already wide range of cheeses, juices, yogurts, snacks, dips, chilled meals and dairy products from the two states, providing customers access to quality food choices.

From some of the notable brands in Australia like Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce, Emma & Tom Juice and Kombucha, Bega Cheese, Kezs Kitchen to local specialties like Tasmania King Island cheese and locally grown Victorian fruits.

Jasons Food Hall will also be offering the award winning Ocean Trout that comes from the remote southwest coast of Tasmania, where the cool wilderness waters of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collide with the salt water of the Great Southern Ocean, are ideal to breed ocean trout.

Petuna’s Tasmanian Ocean Trout are selectively bred and expertly nurtured in pristine environments under industry leading, sustainable aquaculture practices.

Choosing a certified sustainable produce is an easy and delicious way to help customers make better choices to contribute to the health of the oceans, environment and local communities, knowing that it is sourced from a farm that treats the environment with care and respect.

In conjunction with the launch of Victoria Tasmania products, the gourmet grocers held a product showcase from 27 March 2019 to 11 April 2019 featuring free sampling activity on weekend highlighting Victoria and Tasmania specialties, which include Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce, Sunsol Oats, Emma & Tom Juice and Kombucha, Bega Cheese, Farmers Union and Bulla Ice-cream.

There will be wide range of special promotion during the showcase.

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