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Vietjet Airline Brings Fun to the Skies

How many people can actually say that they have sat beside Vietnam Miss Universe on a plane?

But for passengers who flew Vietjet on the airline international and local routes, this was no fantasy. The new-age airline, which is becoming well-known for its cheeky and innovative campaigns, arranged for a special appearance by Vietnam Miss Universe 2016 – just one example of how the airline provides fun and friendly in-flight services.

Committed to providing a unique flying experience to its passengers, Vietjet is fast becoming known as South East Asia’s new favourite airline.

Boasting a wide range of flying routes, its trademark fun and friendly services, as well as easy-to- use online booking and purchase systems, Vietjet is not only conquering the regional skies but also winning passengers’ hearts.

The airline has turned plenty of heads with some of its out-of- the-box ideas, including a Gangnam Style dance, a romantic wedding scene, a flight filled with roses, plus special appearances of Santa Claus and other famous personalities.

Vietjet Brings Fun to the Skies

During festive seasons and the year-end, Vietjet loves to surprise its passengers with gifts, such as lucky red envelopes or ‘ang pao’ during Lunar New Year, and free trips or presents at Christmas and Birthdays.

Ms Nguyen Mai Huong – a student in Hanoi remembered “It was my Vietjet flight from Hanoi to Quy Nhon last year. We were in the air around twenty minutes when I suddenly heard a birthday congratulation from cabin crew. Then a beautiful flight attendant approached me with a bunch of beautiful flowers. It was so amazing and unbelievable. It was my first time in the air. Thank you Vietjet”.

Touching on the plan to surprise her daughter
Touching on the plan to surprise her daughter, Huong’s mother added: “I wanted to do something special for my daughter on her 18 th birthday. That was the reason I called Vietjet. And I was very pleased with their services. They care you from the smallest but most meaningful things. Thank Vietjet for that great moment!”

Dancers performing a traditional Malay dance on board the inaugural flight from HCMC

Dancers performing a traditional Malay dance on board the inaugural flight from HCMC to KLIA on June 1 st , 2016

The airline’s inflight services are specially catered to the diverse needs of its passengers. In addition to a large variety of hot meals and snacks, Vietjet also provides vegetarian and low- calorie food options for those with special dietary preferences.

For the first time, the airline also introduced a range of halal cuisines, in celebration of its foray into Malaysia on June 1 st , 2016.

Flying Vietjet is never dull as there are plenty of entertainment facilities for passengers. One 2 Fly, its high-profile magazine for travel and aviation, also provides a world of information for the passengers’ reading pleasure.

These are simply some of the ways in which the airline continuously aspires to incorporate fun and spontaneity into air travel, offering a level of service that is not often associated with low-cost carriers.

Recognised for its services, Vietjet has been honoured with prestigious awards in Vietnam and internationally. Vietjet has been awarded as “The Airline with Cultural Creative and Entertainment in-flight Programs” by the Asian Record Organisation, and earned a “Golden Star Award for Quality” from Business Initiative Directions (BID), Switzerland.

It was also declared “the most friendly transportation and best promotion Airline in Vietnam” by Spend & Use Advisory Magazine. At the “Budgies & Travel Awards” in London, Vietjet was shortlisted as one of the “Top 5 Best New Route Launch”.

To be part of this one-of- a-kind experience, visit or (mobile), download the vietjetair app, join vietjetairmalaysia on Facebook or call the 24/7 call centre at (+84) 1900 1886.

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