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vivo X ZEISS : Road to Becoming the World-Class Mobile Photography

vivo ZEISS

vivo has globally announced its partnership with the German Photography Giant, ZEISS on 17th December 2020. This partnership has certainly made mobilegraphy industry a level ahead from greatness.

While users are anticipating the product from vivo and ZEISS, there are some reasons lying behind this partnership between two brands.

As a part of the collaboration, vivo and ZEISS will set up a joint Imaging Lab with an R&D program to enhance global mobile imaging innovation for vivo's smartphones.

The vital, multi-faceted joint effort is intended to let vivo, one of the biggest worldwide smartphones’ producers with accurate consumer understanding and state-of-the-art imaging technologies, and ZEISS, a worldwide leader in optics and a pioneer in the field of expert and mobile imaging.

This historical collaboration has freed both limitations to expand on one another's strength and advance portable photography innovation.

With a joint ambition to advance the quality of the mobilegraphy experience on smartphones, the partnership will see ZEISS and vivo together to develop beyond-level imaging capabilities and will bring the ZEISS brand back to smartphones.

With its achievement in cinematography, ZEISS’s extraordinary lenses, packed with vivo’s superb photography algorithm and software, will certainly help the users to craft a movie-like-photos and videos via smartphones.

Partnership between vivo and ZEISS is a step-stone for future mobile photography. Both parties will work together to enhance mobilegraphy through combination of both giants’ technologies. Besides,, ZEISS' optical technologies and expertise would certainly better the optical performance of vivo in video shooting, photo shooting and mobile imaging to a new level.

This joint agreement to improve consumers’ mobilegraphy experience is a reflection of the consensus between both businesses – strive to ensure to quality, true artistry and am intention to enhance real life user experience.

vivo ZEISS

ZEISS, founded in 1846, is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. For over 174 years of experience, ZEISS has established its status of the pioneer, founder and leader of global imaging optics.

Therefore, the partnership with ZEISS has set vivo’s milestone on the road of professional photography.

ZEISS develops, produces and markets high-quality lens and solution to the industry and it resulted in the users get to experience the most defined image in the videos and photos captured.

The quality of ZEISS is also acknowledged by the professionals in the movie industry as 10 Oscar-nominated movies in 2019 are filmed with a ZEISS Cine Lens. Apart from that, ZEISS also contributed to the different industry such as lab research, microchip solution, medical technology solutions and astronomy exploration, and all of them have achieved significant results.

For more information about vivo’s partnership with ZEISS, please visit Official Facebook Page or Official Website.

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