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Wake up to a BRAND NEW hitz Morning Crew

hitz fm Morning Crew 2017
hitz fm has unveiled its new line-up for its morning breakfast crew, welcoming Jay R Smith to the team and will be kicking off the new show as – hitz morning crew with J, Arnold and RD.

American born and bred, J, is a change from your sugary sweet announcers with his sarcastic alpha male presence. Well known to speak his mind than to bite his tongue, J adds street cred to the hitz announcer line up.

The new hitz Morning Crew also features new segments and programmes including Dirty Pop, Mind Trap and Repost Of The Day as well as maintaining the notorious gotcha calls. J will keep listeners updated daily on the latest Hollywood buzz during the “Dirty Pop” segment.

In “Mind Trap”, each announcer will choose a word and callers will have to refrain from saying the selected 3 words for one minute in order to win a cash prize. And finally, in “Repost of The Day”, announcer will share one social media post which catches their eye with fellow listeners.

The hitz morning crew also will be travelling all round Malaysia starting next year to meet hitz fm listeners.

The new hitz Morning Crew will go on air every Monday to Friday from 6am till 10am, starting December 19, 2016.

For more details, log on to hitz fm.

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