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WANNA ONE 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

WANNA ONE 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

WANNA ONE 1st Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur
South Korean Hottest Generation Kpop Group Wanna One have a wonderful night with Wannable on 19th January, in Stadium Negara.

The Fan Meeting was started on 8pm sharp, Wanna One appeared on the stage with prince image, and bring the charming stage with two famous song (Energetic) and (Beautiful),and it had made the whole concert high and all the fans were screaming ang enjoying.

Due to the response of the fans too passionate, many fans were pushing in the crowd, and it cause some fans fainted, the situation was turned to chaotic situation within around 15 minutes of the events, therefore the fan meeting had been delayed for more than 45 minutes now as the crew and security team attempted to arrange the crowd back in order.

The organiser published an apology on Facebook whereafter the show end, they consider fans security is first priority, therefore the show has been forced to delay, and also appreciated to all fans cooperation.

With all fans cooperation, the fan meeting continued with smoothly, Wanna One bring their cutest part in ongoing talk part, and all Wannable can’t stop to falling to their charms! The members was playing game during the fan meeting. One of the game which is rope skipping, member MinHyun and SungWoon holding the rope, and with others members completed the mission in the short

In talk part, The MC asked do Wanna One like the weather of Malaysia, they replied due to winter day in Korea, they’re really enjoyed Malaysia warmth weathers.

Then the MC asked, do Wanna One have any unforgettable memories while came Malaysia few days, They replied with sweetest words that “this moments (which is the moments with Wannable) is their most unforgettable memories in Malaysia.”

They are really appreciated and thankful all the support from their fans.

Before the end of fan meeting, know that January is one of the member DaeHwi’s birthday, so all the Wannables singing English version and Korean version birthday songs to DaeHwi, and DaeHwi was feeling so touched and warmed.

Wanna One first Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur was end perfectly, and it bring Wannable and Wanna One a special unforgettable memories in their life!

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