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ZUS Coffee Launches Cool New Line of Iced Shaken Drinks

Zus Coffee Iced Shaken Drinks

Shaken (Not Stirred), With A New Twist: ZUS Coffee Launches Cool New Line of Iced Shaken Drinks. New series currently features the Iced Shaken Double Espresso and the Iced-Shaken Orange Osmanthus Espresso.

A unique beverage preparation method modelled after the Italian shakerato (a combination of an espresso shot, ice and sugar syrup, shaken together in a cocktail shaker) with an added splash of milk, the ice shaken series is set to be one of ZUS Coffee's new staples for the new year.

The first drinks to feature in the line-up consist of the Iced Shaken Double Espresso (a mix of Vanilla syrup, Caramel syrup and fresh espresso beans, topped with fresh milk), and the Iced Shaken Orange Osmanthus Espresso (a summery iced espresso with the sweet and tangy flavours of fresh oranges and osmanthus).

Specially crafted as the flagship drinks of the iced shaken line, they also offer an added flair and style to the current line-up of drinks, creating a uniquely delicious treat for caffeine aficionados.

The official launch of the Iced Shaken drinks line took place in ZUS Academy, Tropicana Gardens Mall on 11 January 2023.

During the launch attendees were treated to an exclusive demonstration of the drink preparation process behind the iced-shaken series by trained ZUS baristas, who also shared what went on behind the scenes during the ideation and creation process of the new beverages.

Zus Coffee Prosperous Orange

Participants of the event also got to experience a sneak peek at ZUS’s upcoming Chinese New Year drink series — Prosperous Orange!

Celebrating good fortune, prosperity and new year blessings with a citrus-y twist to everyone’s favourite cup of coffee, this series invites customers to take a sip of prosperity this upcoming festive season!

The series is led by the new Iced Shaken Orange Osmanthus Espresso. Other drinks featured in the series also boast a zesty orange bite including the Orange Chocolate Frappe, the Iced Orange Latte, the Iced Orange Chocolate, and Hot Orange Chocolate.

For a taste of the cool Iced Shaken series or a sip of the refreshing Prosperous Orange limited series visit any of the over 150 ZUS Coffee outlets or simply order via the ZUS Coffee app.

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