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Two New 3M Nexcare Masks for Malaysians

3M Nexcare Carbon Mask

New 3M Nexcare Masks for Malaysians
3M Malaysia introduced two new masks – the 3M Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask and the 3M Nexcare Carbon Mask for the benefit of Malaysians.

The 3M™ Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask has a special overhead loop strap that is suitable for everyone in the street, particularly for women who wear hijab. While the 3M™ Nexcare Carbon Mask has an activated carbon layer that can help protect users from large particles, dust and odours.

These masks certainly come in handy for every Malaysian, including bus riders or even commuters who spend 15 to 25 minutes or more waiting for a bus. The wait often means spending time at locations where cars, trucks and buses are continually spewing out high concentrations of noxious exhaust.

Think about it – if you make a two-way commute every day, spending 10 minutes twice a day waiting for your bus, that itself amounts to 20 minutes of exposure to these harmful compounds.

That's as good as standing 7 hours at the bus-stop, breathing in the fumes, every month! While it's not possible to completely eliminate your exposure, we still do have an option to minimise it by wearing a mask.

In many Asian countries, it’s common for people to wear masks if they’re getting sick in order to prevent spreading their infection to others.

The reason that flu and colds are easily transmissible is because when you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose, there are millions of little viruses on the droplets in the fine mist you’ve just expelled into the air – mist which can be inhaled by people around you. It’s quick and efficient transmission.

Wearing a mask can help to stop the spray of virus-containing moisture from getting very far.

Introducing 3M Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask

3M Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask

The 3M™ Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask was designed specifically for Muslim women who wear Hijab. As their ears are covered, it makes it hard for them to wear the conventional earloop mask, which can only be put around both ears.

Thus, the 3M™ Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask is the perfect solution to this problem as it provides convenience through a special overhead loop strap designed for hijab whereby they just have to pull the strap over the back of their head to wear it.

Additionally, the 3M™ Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask also has a 3-Layer Filter that helps to protect against macro particles and dust with 95% efficiency. The 3-Layer Filter consists of an inner layer that is comfortable when in contact with the skin, a filter layer in the form of random fibre to hold particles and dust, and an outer layer that has regular fibre to filter air and large-size particles.

This lightweight, breathable mask is ideal to be used when in close contact with babies, commuting in public transport, or when you’re down with flu or a cough.

Presenting the 3M Nexcare Carbon Mask

3M Nexcare Carbon Mask
The 3M™ Nexcare Carbon Mask is intended for commuters in big cities who are often exposed to contaminants such as dust, vehicle pollution and odours.

It has a 4-Layer Filter that includes an activated carbon layer besides the inner layer, filter layer and an outer layer of the mask with 95% efficiency in terms of filtration.

Not only does the activated carbon layer help to filter odours from the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles, it is also suitable to be used by everyone, particularly those who are often exposed to the polluted environment such as motorists, LRT commuters, hospital attendants or factory workers.

In addition, it can also be used when travelling to dusty areas or within the bustling city.

“At 3M Malaysia, our products are always equipped with state-of-the-art technology for public’s benefit and the 3M™ Nexcare mask is no different as it comes with intensive filter technology so that you can breathe in cleaner air whenever you’re out and about.

As a global science company that never stops inventing, we are also committed to providing people with quality products and solutions that they deserve to help improve their daily life and we hope that these two masks can help improve the health of the community,” – Mr. Parameswaran, Managing Director of 3M Malaysia.

The 3M Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask and 3M Nexcare Carbon Mask are available at all leading pharmacies such as Guardian, AEON Wellness, Healthlane, BIG Pharmacy and many more. Both these masks are also available in 99 Speedmart, Ace Hardware, and Mr. DIY.

The 3M™ Nexcare Daily Hijab Mask is selling at a retail price of RM4.50 with 6 pieces per pack and the 3M™ Nexcare Carbon Mask is selling at a retail price of RM4.50 with 3 pieces per pack.

Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at

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