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Amirul Jafril Latest Music, Entitled Nadi

Amirul Jafril wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth but his deep passion for music gave him the courage to fly without wings.

Suave, intuitive and a believer of the impossible.

Amirul’s interpretation of music and lyrics construes questions of the heart. His incredibly infectious contemporary R&B and soul vocals juxtaposed him with harsh reality- he’s a diamond in the rough.

Drawing inspiration from truly the best, Amirul admires the music of John Legend, Anuar Zain, Noryn Aziz and other soulful singers.

Legends are not made they are born. Be a part of Amirul’s existence in the making.

Amirul Jafril Latest Project (NADI)

Amirul Jafril - Nadi

After the successful launch of his raya single, Sinar Aidilfitri, Amirul will be releasing his latest music, entitled Nadi.

Drawing inspiration from the work of international stars like Beyonce and John Legend, Nadi offers a breath of fresh air in Malaysia’s music industry with a glimpse of operatic sound and tribal beats, fashioned with Pop R&B.

Composed by Amirul himself, with 2 new talented upcoming composers, L’zzay Affandy and Herman Hermono (Indonesia), Nadi tells a tale of an undying devotion of love and sacrifices.

Even-though Nadi was actually recorded in 2012- 2013, Amirul decided to wait for the right moment to release the song, as he was recovering from Non Hodgkin Cancer earlier that same year.

Amirul is now ready to embark further on his musical journey, with Joe PRC International being his backbone and guidance in the music industry. The 29 year old Penang lad, is all geared up to share his musical prowess and visions with the world.

Nadi will be released officially on all digital platforms on the 26th of August 2016.

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