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Steve & Shaz Give Back Campaign – Lite FM’s RM5,000 winner exemplifies joy of giving

Steve & Shaz Give Back Campaign
Lite FM's Steve & Shaz Give Back Campaign has come to the aid of a needy Malaysian, but this time, it was a listener who extended the lifeline to a fellow citizen.

It all started when Steve and Shaz realised Lite FM had an additional contest money to giveaway. They then conducted a standalone content involving simple general knowledge to give away the amount, which was won by Ranjinath from Alor Setar.

Steve and Shaz then did the unthinkable – they asked Ranjinath if he was willing to give up his prize money for Thava, a 41-year- old from Penang who was losing his eyesight due to glaucoma and struggling to make ends meet.

Ranjinath was given the weekend to think about whether he wanted to give his winnings away. With over two days of deep thoughts and considerations, he made a decision that made every Malaysian proud of him – he agreed to to give his RM5,000 to Thava.

What Ranjinath did not know that in the meantime of him giving the money, he is also receiving RM 5,000 from Lite FM as an appreciation of his kindness and selflessness.

According to Aaron Pinto, Network Content Manager of Lite FM, Sinar FM and THR Gegar, “Lite FM has always stood by giving back to the community and reward our listeners. It's amazing to see Ranjinath sacrifice the money he won and give it to Thava who desperately need it to sustain his life.

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