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Boat Noodle Takes Chill Chill to The Next Level

Boat Noodle Takes Chill Chill to The Next Level

Thai Iced Tea by Chill Chill
In the past few years, Taiwanese tea has taken center stage in Malaysia.

Now, a newcomer is planning to steal the spotlight – freshly brewed, full-flavoured authentic Thai iced tea drinks by Chill Chill, a brand from the people who brought you Boat Noodle.

Utara 5 F&B Sdn Bhd (U5FB) is one of the fastest growing Malaysian companies with a passion for creating concepts that every Malaysian can enjoy.

Over the course of 36 months, U5FB has taken Malaysia by storm with the launch of 55 outlets across the country, through their brands Boat Noodle, Chill Chill, MKN and C&C.

Chill Chill started off with humble beginnings as their line of Thai tea drinks was first introduced as part of the menu at Boat Noodle. With strong support from Boat Noodle lovers, the Chill Chill brand has now become a breakout star with over five million cups sold to date.

Thai Iced Tea by Chill ChillLate last year, Chill Chill introduced a kiosk model for their brand, enabling Malaysians to not only enjoy their favourite Thai Tea at Boat Noodle but also at their stand-alone kiosks.

The Thai inspired, Malaysian owned brand now operates in over 17 locations around Klang Valley and Penang, all of which were opened within nine months.

To ensure Malaysians get the best Thai tea experience, Chill Chill only uses premium imported ingredients, including the Chill Chill secret tea blend. Chill Chill serves over 31 delectable flavour-packed drinks, all of which are individually brewed to order.

The fun begins with the unique mix of toppings to choose from ensuring there is a perfect Chill Chill for everyone.

Determined to bring the authentic taste of Thai tea for more Malaysians to enjoy, Chill Chill plans to open 100 kiosks across Malaysia by end 2018, with 50 kiosks to be ready by 2017.

Chill Chill has already penetrated the Indonesian and Brunei market, following the footsteps of Boat Noodle in going abroad. Chill Chill has aggressive plans to further venture into the Southeast Asian market.

For more information, do visit Chill Chill’s Facebook page or Chill Chill’s Instagram.

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