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Caesars Entertainment Collaborates with WeChat and Ayla Networks

Caesars Entertainment Collaborates with WeChat and Ayla Networks
Caesars Entertainment and Ayla Networks, provider of the industry’s first Agile Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform leveraged on WeChat, the leading social communication platform, to showcase a number of IoT-enabled suites at Caesars’ latest resort on the Las Vegas Strip, The LINQ Hotel & Casino.

“The LINQ Hotel adopts a revolutionary approach to fulfill the ever-evolving wants and needs of the Las Vegas consumer. At the pace at which mobile and wireless technologies are advancing, we believe that consumers are increasingly demanding for a connected and always-on hotel room experience.

We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with WeChat and Ayla to give the world a glimpse of how we envision this experience to be,” said Tariq Shaukat, Caesars Entertainment’s Chief Marketing Officer.

To initiate the Hotel Room of the Future experience, visitors were requested to download the latest version of the WeChat app on their smart phones.

Once they entered The LINQ Hotel connected suite, they were prompted to scan a room-specific QR code by using the WeChat app, which automatically directed them to follow the specific suite they are in on WeChat. Participants were then able to control and interact with the room from their phones remotely via WeChat.

The connected ecosystem of devices in these hotel suites are all powered by Ayla Network’s Agile IoT cloud platform, including connected dimmable lights, blinds and curtains, thermostats, door locks, smart plugs, and more.

Once attendees are connected to the suite on their phones, they were able to manage and customize settings on WeChat of how they would like to interact with these devices, and through advanced rules and data manipulation capabilities, how the devices would interact with one another.

For example, if a user selects the “sleep” scenario on WeChat, the room will automatically respond by dimming the lights, closing blinds and curtains, changing the room temperature, and locking the door, all according to the user’s pre-set personal preferences.

“Ayla is excited to unveil our collaboration with Caesars Entertainment and WeChat by powering IoT for The LINQ Hotel, which is really just a tip of the iceberg of unlocking the power of when IoT meets social media,” said Dave Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks.

“The connected hotel suites at The LINQ Hotel will offer a glimpse into what the future holds for homes and the hospitality industry alike.

We’re already seeing massive growth in IoT adoption around the world in all trades and verticals, and we’re expecting to see an even more dramatic increase in 2015.”

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