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The Pulse Label launch

The Pulse Label launch
Based in SS18, Subang Jaya, Pulse Soundworks was established as a recording and rehearsal studio in 2010. Today, we are a Record Label, Digital Music Distributor and Audio Production Studio.

Headed by Madan “Psytrus”, whose experience as an audio engineer, singer-songwriter, composer and producer creates the perfect balance between technicality and creativity.

Our main goal is to provide the infrastructure to push Malaysian musician and music to higher levels, creating a culture and brand that represents a viable and sustainable service in the music industry as a one-stop artistes’ solution provided by musically pulsating minds.

One stumbling block that all independent artistes face is juggling creative output, administration and marketing of their music.

Through meticulous research within the plethora of audio-recording hardware and software paired with a thorough understanding of technologies available, we have put together a modular purpose-built music production system that is parallel to industry-standard production quality at competitive rates.

In doing so, we are able to cater to both, professional recording artistes as well as fresh musicians, just making their foray into the world of professional recording.

We have developed a platform that enables our artistes to assign administrative tasks to us, while the artiste concentrates on doing what they do best, making great music.

Administrative tasks include management, marketing and development of an artist; utilizing the fully functional infrastructure of production studios as well as new age IT services and tools.

Currently, these dedicated services are enjoyed by our roster of artistes – the homegrown rapper with a cause, Armon; singer-songwriter, Psytrus; harmonica virtuoso, Alex Chandran and pop-rock bands HardCandy and Notyra.

All who are experienced musicians and performers in their own right but new faces to the scene who we fully believe in.

We will also be introducing a complete IT based music Digital Distribution system that will be extremely user friendly, allowing all Malaysian artistes to have their material digitally distributed and sold worldwide.

With global consumers as an audience, this service will revolutionize the way Malaysian musicians approach their work and performances.

Most importantly, it enables them to start making continued and sustainable income with next to no upfront capital required. With the internet, we will be able to provide a truly global playing field for all aspiring musicians.

Also, we don’t only believe in cross collaboration in the label. We believe this can happen throughout the entire industry. Hence it is our goal to release a compilation album every quarter featuring our label acts as well as friends from the industry.

In light of this, Q1 2015’s compilation album will also feature local house / EDM vocal maestro, R2Rick (who will also feature in the same compilation as Hardwell & Calvin Harris); the high energy rock outfit, The Endleaves; and the singer-songwriter with fantasy-like lyrics and epic melodies,Hameer Zawawi.

We also have our on-ground talent showcase, “The Pulse Project”, which showcases the budding musical talents we found right here in Malaysia.

It started out as a dream to make great music. Now it is an ambition to enable every musician, with the passion and desire, no matter known or unknown, to make music life.

That would be the purest of our contribution to this industry. Don’t take our word for it.

Instead, let your ears be the judge.

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