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DC Healthcare Celebrates Grand Opening of Dr. Chong Clinic in Penang

Grand Opening of Dr. Chong Clinic in Penang

DC Healthcare Holdings Berhad (DC Healthcare), an aesthetic medical services provider specialising in the provision of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, is pleased to announce the grand opening of Dr. Chong Clinic in AutoCity, Penang.

The event, held at AutoCity, was graced by the presence and officiation of His Excellency Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi Bin Haji Abdul Razak, the Governor of Penang. This landmark event marks DC Healthcare’s significant expansion into the Northern region of Malaysia.

A highlight of the event was the generous donations made by DC Healthcare to the local community, in line with their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”). In the first half of 2024, DC Healthcare’s CSR initiatives have significantly impacted the community, reaching over 400 families.

Building on this momentum, the Group donated to the Charity Foundation of the Governor of Penang, as well as distributed school bags to local schools to support educational needs to 600 students in today’s event.

Collectively, these actions have allowed DC Healthcare to positively influence the lives of over 1,000 individuals to date. These contributions demonstrate the Group’s dedication to giving back to the community.

Dr. Chong Tze Sheng, Managing Director of DC Healthcare said,

As the first listed aesthetic company in Malaysia, we are proud to offer high-quality and affordable services. We believe that aesthetic care will soon become a necessity, not just a luxury. With the solid support of His Excellency Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi Bin Haji Abdul Razak, we are committed to elevating the standards of the health aesthetic industry.

Penang’s status as a health tourism hub provides the perfect foundation for DC Healthcare to expand and offer services to visitors from neighbouring countries such as Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Our goal is to position Penang as a premier destination for health tourism, focusing on accessible and comprehensive medical aesthetic care. This grand opening marks a significant step towards achieving that vision.

We believe that the support of His Excellency Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Ahmad Fuzi Bin Haji Abdul Razak, the Governor of Penang, at today’s grand opening of the Dr. Chong Clinic exemplifies his strong commitment to nurturing the growth of the medical aesthetics sector in Penang.

His presence indicates a clear indication of his dedication to supporting local enterprises like DC Healthcare, which aims to elevate Penang as a top destination for health tourism. With the Governor’s commitment, DC Healthcare is well-positioned to innovate and expand its services, contributing significantly to the region’s reputation as a center for accessible and high-quality medical aesthetic care.

This partnership underscores a shared vision of making aesthetic health services an integral part of Penang’s offerings to both locals and international visitors, enhancing the state’s economic and healthcare landscape.

Since the inception of Dr Chong Clinic in 2016 till the listing in July 2023, the Group has served up to 75,000 patients to date. Not to mention, DC Healthcare have also added 9 new branches nationwide. In 2024 alone, the Group has expanded its reach by opening four Dr. Chong Clinics located in Taman Molek (Johor Bahru), Bandar Seri Botani (Ipoh), Auto City (Pulau Pinang), and Publika (Kuala Lumpur), as well as four DC Body outlets in USJ Taipan (Selangor), Auto City (Pulau Pinang), Publika (Kuala Lumpur), and Bukit Indah (Johor Bahru).

With these latest additions, DC Healthcare now operates a total of 17 medical aesthetic clinics and 4 DC Body outlets nationwide, significantly enhancing the accessibility and availability of its premium wellness and medical aesthetic services to a broader audience.

Going forward, DC Healthcare is dedicated to enhancing its competitiveness in the medical aesthetics by expanding clinics across Southern and Northern Malaysia, recruiting highly skilled and experienced staff, and continuously upgrading medical equipment with the latest technology to support growth and improve service quality.

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