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Dettol’s New Range Cleanses Deep with Skin Health

Dettol’s New Range Cleanses Deep with Skin Health

Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash
Dettol launched its latest variant to provide skin protection by cleaning deep into the pores.

Realizing that mothers are concerned about their children’s skin health, Dettol’s newest product innovation provides not only germ protection but also skin benefits.

The result is a refreshingly fragrant formula that cleanses deep into skin pores for better bathing experience.

Available in both body wash and bar soap, the Dettol Deep Cleanse range contains 100% natural apricot micro-scrubbing beads for satisfying exfoliation of dead skin cells, leaving complexion bright and renewed.

Dettol Deep Cleanse Body WashAs the formula removes grime, pollutants and germs thoroughly from skin, families will also enjoy its lasting fruity fragrance.

Dermatologists agree that focusing on skin health goes a long way in enhancing an individual’s confidence and maintaining the entire family’s wellbeing.

Better skin health protection is now accessible to everyone.

The Dettol Deep Cleanse Body Wash is available at all major pharmacies and supermarkets. The size choices include 225ml at RM6.90 and 850ml at RM20.25.

The 800ml refill pack is priced at RM15.67.

Alternatively, the Dettol Deep Cleanse Bar Soap retails at RM10.45 for 105g (comes in packs of 3+1).

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