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DOLLA collaborates with Garena Free Fire starting 13 June

Free Fire X DOLLA

Garena announced today its third local celebrity tie-up for the next phase of the “Free Fire Untuk Semua” campaign – this time with Malaysian girl group sensation DOLLA!

The newest wave of “Untuk Semua” events, which will run from 13 June to 30 June, will see Free Fire celebrating diversity within its community.

Following previous iterations of the same campaign, the collaboration was initially teased in last month’s celebrity tie-up with Ismail Izzani, with more to come in following months.

The umbrella campaign, “Free Fire Untuk Semua,” aims to bring players together, with Free Fire representing the bond they share. These collaborations represent Garena’s continued efforts to localise content for the Free Fire community in Malaysia.

FIGHT alongside DOLLA and Free Fire!

In conjunction with “Free Fire Untuk Semua,” a localised campaign focusing on togetherness, the mobile hit sees yet another celebrity collaboration this month with girl group DOLLA, who made their debut in 2020 with their first single, “Dolla Make You Wanna”.

The latest part of the campaign focuses on empowering different cultures through Free Fire, inline with the campaign theme “Free Fire Untuk Semua Budaya” (“Free Fire For All Cultures” in English).

This is further exemplified by the collaboration with DOLLA, whose members – Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel and Syasya – hail from different cultural backgrounds.

As part of the campaign, the quartet will release a collaboration song titled “FIGHT”, combining different languages and traditional elements to emphasise the cultural theme.

The song also features prominent keywords from Free Fire’s annual Rampage event, which will run concurrently with the “Free Fire Untuk Semua Budaya” campaign this month. Stay tuned for the release of the song and its official music video on 17 June, available on Spotify and Free Fire Malaysia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Collaborating DOLLA member Tabby, shared her thoughts on the campaign,

“I’m so glad that DOLLA is a part of the Free Fire Untuk Semua campaign. The theme of celebrating all cultures provided me the opportunity to connect with my Japanese heritage while creating a catchy song!

We hope that our new song, “FIGHT,” will inspire Free Fire fans and other Malaysians to keep celebrating diversity as an integral part of Malaysian culture”

On top of the song’s release, an exciting collaboration livestream event will await both DOLLA and Free Fire fans on 25 June.

Mark your calendars for an afternoon of Free Fire custom matches, variety show concept games centred around cultural themes, and a chance to win exclusive merchandise – including a signed autograph from all 4 DOLLA members!

Collect exclusive in-game items and merchandise in Free Fire Adventure For All

In the latest wave of “Free Fire Untuk Semua” activities, a new segment named “All Cultures” will open up in the campaign-exclusive web event Free Fire Adventure For All, which has been running since April this year.

The segment will coincide with DOLLA’s collaboration, running from 13 June to 30 June.

Much like previous events, the “All Cultures” segment allows players to view the FIGHT MV and answer a short quiz for Untuk Semua in-game tokens, which can be used to spin for prizes, such as the Bronze Horse Lootbox, and physical merchandise.

Free Fire X DOLLA Livestream

The interface returns with Tower Stack, a new mini-game that will grant players with even more exclusive prizes, including the Glow Lotus Parachute! The event also houses relevant information to the campaign, such as content release schedules and livestream dates.

Players can also join social media challenges featuring DOLLA’s iconic dance moves in the upcoming FIGHT music video to win other attractive merchandise, including the fan favourite Free Fire Untuk Semua jacket and a set of patches to complement it.

Download Free Fire on the Apple iOS App or Google Play store.

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