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Fuji Xerox Workbook : Reading English Made Easy

Fuji Xerox Malaysia Workbook Reading English Made Easy

Fuji Xerox Malaysia Workbook Reading English Made Easy
Fuji Xerox Malaysia launches Fuji Xerox’s Future Generation Initiatives early this year to improve the lives of children in an impoverished, disadvantaged community across the region of Asia Pacific.

Based on experience in 15 Band 5-6 schools across Malaysia, more than 10% of students in low-performing schools are

They are driven with an aim to help educate 100,000 children by 2023, and with this, they have identified MYReaders as a key partner of the learning programme to drive this initiative.

In an effort to reduce illiteracy, the workbook Reading English Made Easy is the first to be delivered in Malaysia
among other countries that benefit from this initiative within the regions of Asia Pacific.

One of Fuji Xerox Malaysia social contribution strategies is to provide educational supports for children living in difficult conditions to lead a much better life. Fuji Xerox Malaysia believes in breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering the children’s future possibility, which is in line with our corporate mission statement.

MYReaders will be making the educational materials print-ready and deliver the workbooks to the children.

Fuji Xerox Malaysia has printed 1000 workbooks to benefit the 1st 1000 children in Malaysia and MYReaders has distributed workbooks to 15 schools and welfare homes around the country.

In line with TN50, Fuji Xerox Malaysia and MYReaders plan to realize this social impact program as one of the aspiration to prepare Malaysia for a great future. With TN50, they are aspired to be among the top 20 nations of the world by 2050 where education is par of the agenda.

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