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Fresh New Look Gempak – Malaysia’s No. 1 Entertainment Portal

Gempak Berwajah Baru

Gempak Berwajah Baru
Astro introduced a fresh new look for ‘Gempak’, Malaysia’s number one entertainment portal.

Set to target Malay Millennials or ‘Malaynnials’ (young adults between 18 to 34 years old), ‘Gempak’ can be accessed online at or by downloading the ‘Gempak App’ for free on mobile devices from the Google Play Store for Android users, and from the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

It’s offers a myriad of exclusive content including videos, the latest news and entertainment, tips and tutorials, current lifestyle updates, and the best of local and international television series.

Today, potential market opportunities can be created from the 5.21 million tech-savvy ‘Malaynnials’, who are active on new media platforms, demanding instant ‘on demand’ content from around the globe via a borderless digital ecosystem.

‘Gempak’ recognized that 88% of its users accessing the internet via smart devices or mobile, lean towards User Generated Content (UGC), hence ‘Gempak’ aims to increase its content assets of the like to attract users to continue staying connected online, and making the ‘Gempak’ digital
platform the go-to medium for them.

Through ‘Gempak’, consumers can be a part of its fan club, ‘Gempak Fans’, and stand a chance to enjoy amazing rewards, own exclusive merchandise, and have opportunities to participate in exciting activities.

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