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Honor 8 Gets Cleaner, Faster, and Safer

honor 8 Malaysia

Honor Malaysia is finally bringing the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 to Honor 8 users. The Android 7.0 Nougat is now available on Honor 8 devices in Malaysia starting on February 1st 2017!

The EMUI 5.0 update is also paired with the Nougat update, bringing many improvements and features that will enhance users’ experience with the Honor 8.

honor 8 Malaysia

All New Design

The EMUI 5.0 brings in a clean and beautiful user interface that is meant to break the Android less-than-appealing interface stereotype.

The Honor 8 gets a new and refresh look through an Aegean Sea blue theme that integrates pure white colors throughout the user interface (UI) and a sensory effect that is inspired by the interaction between light and shadow.

As well as a revamped look, the EMUI 5.0 gives users simple home screen choices, where users have a choice between a Standard and App Drawer without looking towards a 3rd party launcher.

Intuitive Interactions

The Honor 8 is already equipped with intuitive functions that enable users to use the device with ease. However, the EMUI 5.0 takes this one step further by simplifying the phone’s operations, where 90% of core operations can be completed in just three steps.

Users can now

  1. Swipe left to delete any SMS messages/emails/notes/notifications,
  2. Touch and hold to block notifications, and
  3. Touch to reply messages.

EMUI 5.0 honor 8We all make mistakes when using our devices – however, the EMUI 5.0 can now minimize these mistakes by differentiating between intentional and unintentional actions.

As a result, users will see a success rate increase to over 90% when dialing, photographing, keyboard input, and other usage scenarios.

For users that find it a hassle to juggle between two accounts on applications, the EMUI 5.0 solves this problem by enabling users to log in to two accounts at the same time.

EMUI 5.0 also makes it easier for you to share your life with another Honor user – just use Huawei Share to auto-pair with another device, a one-step process to share photos, music, and many more.

Faster Is Better

It is well understood that devices’ performance tends to drop over time. However, the EMUI 5.0 was built on five revolutionary technologies that are meant to prolong a device’s life.

Through Machine Learning, Smart CPU Allocation, Smart RAM Allocation, Smart Storage Allocation, and Android System Component Optimization, the EMUI 5.0 brings in a faster speed and performance time.

As a result, these devices will still have stellar performance even after 18 months of use.

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