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Kirstie Maximus Release Her First Malay Song ‘Kembali X’

Kirstie Maximus Cabar Diri Hasilkan Lagu Bahasa Melayu

Kirstie Maximus Hasilkan Lagu Bahasa MelayuKirstie Maximus breaks barriers with the release her first Malay song, “Kembali X.” Available on digital platforms since 24 March 2017, the song is inspired by the beauty of the Malaysian language.

This song incorporates the traditional essence of a Malay love song, with a modern and urban twist.

I’ve always been in the urban English industry so I wanted to challenge myself by coming out of my shell,” Kirstie said about her decision to do a Malay song.

“Kembali X” features the powerhouse vocals of Evelyn Feroza, and talks about the struggles of being in a long distance relationship.

At a press conference held at the rooftop of Le Noir, TREC Kuala Lumpur, members of the media and guest also had the opportunity to have first views to the launch of the music video for “Kembali X”.

It tells the tale of lovers as they go through the turbulent relationship which ends; only to be reunited again years later.

The concept of the video was to allow the audience to create their own ending to this couple’s story, making it relatable to them.” says Kirstie.

Kirstie Maximus Cabar Diri Hasilkan Lagu Bahasa Melayu
Kirstie Maximus is a singer, rapper DJ, producer and a powerhouse when it comes to music.

She has been rapping and song-writing since her teens. In 2012, she started producing her own music. Always the risk taker, she stepped out of her comfort zone and extended her resume to being a DJ, spinning hip-swaying tunes in places like Nagaba, Lust Bangsar, Le Noir Trec, just to name a few.

If her credentials weren’t extensive enough, she then joined her record label, Downtown Artists based in London, which allowed her to further work at her craft.

Coming a long way, today, Kirstie has already claimed territory in the Kuala Lumpur and London club scene and is known as a Fashion Female DJ to look out for.

She is now making her way to be recognisable as both a DJ and a recording artist with the release of her tracks like “Rockabye X” and “Alright X”.

The video, directed by her very own sister and singer, Cassey Maximus and was shot by and edited by Azlan Osman of Panomatics.

This track also features a multitude of other talents, such as Alex Hutchings – guitarist and composer from the United Kingdom.

The single, “Kembali X” is available on Spotify and iTunes and the video will be available on YouTube.

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